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Have Younger, Fresher Skin with Sente Dermal Repair Cream

Every once in a while a cream comes out that really makes a difference on your skin. Sente Dermal Repair Cream differs from other facial creams in that it contains glycoproteins. What are glycoproteins you might ask?

Glycoproteins are quite simply molecules of sugar that are attached to proteins.
They play a very important role in your skin’s overall health because they trap moisture in your skin, thereby maintaining plumpness and a youthful appearance.
Senté Dermal Repair Cream helps your skin to replenish its moisture that is lost with aging and exposure to the sun.

I tried Sente Dermal Repair Cream for one month.
I cleansed my face morning and night and applied it liberally to my face and neck.
I have pretty dry skin overall and my skin felt hydrated and moisturized, yet never felt sticky or greasy.
And my result was pretty amazing. I’ve included an image of me without a stitch of makeup on. That’s right, nothing. No foundation, powder, cover stick, blush, mascara, eye shadow, liner, lipstick.
Sente Dermal Repair Cream made my skin glow and I noticed the tone of my skin was soft and supple.
Also, the fine lines under my eyes disappeared.
And I looked well-rested.

This is not an inexpensive product.
However, you get what you pay for. And it is worth it.

To order Sente Dermal Repair Cream, visit their official website!

And get terrific looking skin!

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