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Have a Perfect Pregnancy with The Owie Pillow

I recently came across a wonderful product for pregnancy, The Owie Pillow.
The Owie Pillow is an abdominal pillow for a motorist to wear with a safety belt.
The Owie Pillow helps lessen the pressure of the lower part of your safety belt across your abdomen. So it is perfect for pregnant women and also for people recovering from abdominal surgery, injury or wounds.
So many celebrities are fans of the Owie Pillow and have used it during their pregnancies including Kourtney Kardashian, Reece Witherspoon, Molly Simms, Jessica Simpson, Sienna Miller, Snooki and Adriana Lima. It can also be used with your safety belt on a plane or bus.

My Owie Pillow is black with silver polka dots. It is so soft and comfortable I’ve also been using it as a neck pillow in bed!
There is a zipper to remove the cover and it is machine washable.
What an easy way to be a bit more comfortable during your pregnancy!
To check out the Owie Pillow, go to

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