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Haute Couture Model/Fashion Photographer Steven Lyon turns into Filmmaker but not just any Filmmaker; he’s trying to save the Rhinos – Part 1

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Steven is a modern day Renaissance man. He is respected and adored by all who know him because of his intense passion and zest for life, his curious nature, creativity, good looks, and sense of humor. He’s passionate about photography, extreme sports, fast toys, and all things mechanical. “Faster, further, higher” is his motto, and it fits this man who lives his life on the edge.

He enjoys travel and has been a traveling gypsy most of his life, as he modeled in the 80’s gracing the covers, as well as featured spreads in top magazines and runways across the globe.

His good looks and modeling days didn’t go to his head, it propelled him into being one of the top fashion photographers of his generation. His love of fashion, art and photography led to relationships with prominent clients. His vision and keen eye for detail moved him quickly from model to photographer/ art director. He has worked with most of the top fashion houses and top models around the world and prefers to shoot in exotic locations to the studio. Interestingly enough, he told me during our conversation, he still prefers film to the new generation of digital. Old school or not, his work speaks for itself.

On an editorial trip in 2004 to Namibia, photographing super model Lara Stone among the Nomad Himba Tribe, Lyon developed his passion for Africa and its people. It so naturally became part of his heart and soul. It is through his other trips traveling throughout Namibia, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and South Africa that he fell more in love with the beauty of the people, the jungles and the wildlife.


I’m mesmerized hearing his interesting journeys visiting each place. Sleeping in tents with guards standing by so the wild boars and animals in the jungle won’t attack them in their sleep. Photographing here is a dangerous thing. He also speaks of elephant’s stepping over the tents at night while they hold their breath hoping not to get stepped on. Steven almost got attacked from behind while photographing a rhino and an assistant luckily grabbed him pulling him out of harms way, he laughs as he shares this with me. He loves every minute of the danger and adventure. With an abiding passion for the animals, comes his beautiful photography that he describes as intimate and seductive.

Steven’s giving and compassionate nature finds him visiting the wildlife often, and lead to his Wildlife Activism and current labor of love. A film documentary “SOMETHING THAT MATTERS.” This raw first-hand look is filmed in Africa and shows the audience the crisis of the poaching and corruption that threatens extinction to the entire Rhino species. The threat is imminent; Steven wants to do something about it. With an average of 3
rhinos killed per day and rhinos horn having more street value per ounce than cocaine or gold, the stakes are extremely high and time is running out. The journey to film his documentary has been on for more than a year now.

He has invested his own funds into the filming of this project. About six figures to date and he is looking for final funding to go back and get the footage needed to complete this project and have movie distribution in the film festivals. Viva Glam supports Steven in his efforts and commends him on bringing awareness with his documentary. To be fair men are human too you know and we would love to see more men and woman become involved in wildlife activism.



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