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Handy Tips For New Runners

Many people have turned to running in 2020 due to the pandemic, and it is certainly a good exercise for the current situation. Running is a great activity for improving your physical fitness, losing weight, toning muscle and improving your overall appearance in addition to the many mental health benefits. While it is a brilliant form of exercise, it is also one which many people struggle with initially because it is difficult and disheartening when you are not able to run far but are constantly hearing people talking about running half marathons and other long distances. With this in mind, here are a few tips that will help you in the early stages.

Do Not Worry About Stopping

The first tip is to not worry about stopping and walking when first starting out with running. People can obsess over running a certain distance in a certain time, but when you are new to running you simply need to focus on building up your fitness, which will involve stopping and walking while you catch your breath before running again. Additionally, try running at a slower pace than what you might expect at first, which can make a huge difference to the time and distance that you can run.

Run a Few Different Routes

When you are running the same route every time, it can quickly get boring and this is when you will begin to focus on things like how out of breath you are or any minor pain – it is also harder to motivate yourself when you are running the same route over and over again. This is why it is a good idea to have a few different options so that you can get out and explore new places.

Set Yourself Goals

Motivation can be another area that people struggle with, especially if you are struggling to improve. This is where setting goals is so important for new runners and will be the best way to progress. Running 5km without stopping is the most common goal for new runners and certainly is a good one to work towards, but you may also want to think about combining this with other goals, such as running three times a week or running 2.5km in under 15 minutes.

Track Your Progress With a Smartwatch

Leading on from this, the best way to track your progress is with a smartwatch that will allow you to track the time and length of your runs, steps taken, calories burned and various other useful health statistics. Garmin watches for ladies are particularly good for runners as they have all of the above and many other great features, such as monitoring stress levels, recording sleep and more.

Take Steps to Avoid Injury

Many new runners also make the mistake of overdoing it and picking up injuries that can halt your progress. The best ways to avoid injury are making sure that you have rest days scheduled in, investing in a pair of good running shoes, stretching before and after runs and listening to your body.

Running is the perfect exercise for 2020 and can improve your life in many ways, but it can be tricky when first starting so hopefully these tips will help.

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