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Hair Makeover Ideas

SImple and easy ways to makeover your hair style!

Simple and easy ways to makeover your hair style!

There are a few simple things that you can do to give yourself a hair makeover. I am always changing up my hairstyle every year or so. From hair color, length, to bangs, wearing it straight or wavy, etc.

You can just make temporary changes that make a huge difference, you can also make drastic changes just by visiting your hair stylist in one afternoon, and some take some time to really get the look right. I had bangs for 2 years, and very light blonde hair for over 5 years. I decided that I wanted to grow out my bangs and to get back to my natural color so that I could stop dying my hair every 5 weeks.

Now, I only need to highlight it every 6 months now. By changing my hair color back to it’s natural shade would give it a chance to not only grow out, but be healthier. I get so many compliments now on my hair color because it’s so different than before. I had my hairstylist just start doing highlights instead of all over color, and she blended it so well, that in no time, there was no drastic difference.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to change up your hair style:

Part your hair

Part your hair differently than you normally do. A side part instead of in the middle, or vice-versa can make a huge difference in the way your hair looks. Most days I part mine down the middle, and sometimes I will do a side part when I want something different and easy.

Do the opposite

If you always wear your hair down, play with some new up do’s, check out some of these cute styles. Braids are also really in right now. Leave it down if you always usually wear your hair up! I always get compliments when I do an up-do at night, since most of the time I wear it down. People are always surprised to see how different I look with it up.

Try messy instead of perfect, or sleek instead of messy

Again, doing the opposite of what you normally do, can still look really great, and be a complete change/makeover for you! I usually like to curl it in perfect waves, but sometimes I do more of a messy/beachy wave, which still looks great.

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Let it airdry

This I never do, and I should take my own advice. I just think it looks too messy, because I have crazy curls, waves, and frizz. But, While on vacation in Greece I didn’t have a hairdryer, so I had to just embrace the natural-ness of my hair. Which was SO great to do while on vacation-I did really smooth it with hair serum after it was dried though!

Wear it straight

If you normally airdry, have curly or wavy hair, sometimes it’s a nice change to do a sleek straight hairstyle. Blowdry with a paddle brush, smoothing the hair while drying, and then straighten small sections with a flat iron. If it takes too long to do, on special occasions or before the weekend you can visit a blowdry bar or your stylist for a blowout.

Lighten your hair

Adding some highlights can add dimension and subtle color to your hair, giving it a fresh new look. Baliage/ombre hair color is also really in right now. I get highlights now, which compliment my naturally dark blonde color and lighten up my blonde without too much damage.

Darken up

If you usually lighten or highlight light your brown hair, try going a shade darker and richer, and all solid. Sometimes the richness can make your hair look fresh and glossy. If you are blonde, try letting some of your natural shade blend in as low-lights, or get low lights put in. Or, if you are naturally brunette, and dye your hair blonde, go back to your natural color. It’s so much healthier for your hair anyways.

Cut bangs

Or grow them out. This can really change up your look. Cutting them is a geat way to change up your look quickly. Just make sure you will like the look, or try clip-in bangs just for a temporary change. Growing your bangs out, can take some time, and might look a little akward until the finally do grow out. But be patient and find other ways to wear your bang, like pinning them to the side or in a pouf!


Adding layers to your hair can also be a great way to change up your style. I love layers.

Change your hair length

Short hair? No problem! Changing your hair length is easy, add in clip-in extensions or tape-ins for a minimal damaging long hair option. I don’t usually recommend to any woman to chop her hair off, I love long hair, and think most women look their best with long hair.

If you haven’t made any changes to your hairstyle, hope that this inspires you to change it up a bit!



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