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What Are the Hair and Make Up Trends Going Away This Season?

Hair and Make Up Trends

It can be tough to keep up with the comings and goings of trends in light of everything else going on in the world. Though you care greatly about the way you look, sometimes looking your best can feel like more of an effort: what’s the latest on Pinterest? Can I wear white pants year round? Do these booties look good with this dress?

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a seasonal comprehensive guide to let you know what’s in and what’s out for the season to come? Look no further than this review of what hair and make up trends are going away this season!


Say goodbye to contouring on the face. That’s right, put down the light blush and bronzer and prepare to pick up the darker colors in favor of draping. What, exactly is draping, you may ask? Draping refers to blush, specifically the way you apply it to your face. For years the application method has centered around contouring – highlighting accents or certain features of your face.

The “draping method”, on the contrary, follows the natural bone structure to create a very heavy, made up appearance. In other words .¨ blush is no longer meant to accent actual features of the face; now, it’s meant to be a statement in and of itself as it’s merely a method of sculpting and changing the shape of the face using color. With color, you can lift, sculpt, volume or balance any feature in your face. How Does That Work? Opportunities for draping are endless: you can customize the level of color simply by varying the tone or direction of your brush.

Shaped Eyebrows

Pay attention to the runways: what do you see? The days of shaped, thin and “under control” eyebrows are behind us, and we’re entering into a season of going au natural. Don’t be fooled .¨ there are ways to keep your eyebrows on fleek, and it does require minimal trimming and shaping, but for the most part? The bushier, the better.


Remember when we said people are going natural? This applies to the hair on their heads, too. Extensions
will be a thing of the past. That trend that’s leaning back towards a natural style, the same one that begs you wear bushier eyebrows, is over extensions, as they are completely unnatural. (this does not apply to temporary, clip ins)

The Hombre

One last hairstyle that looks dated? The Hombre .¨ where those darker roots fall right down below the ears and drastically turn bright. Again, it’s not natural, and one thing we’ve learned… with hair on the body, natural is what’s in.

Subtle Make Up

A stark contrast to the natural look that’s trending is the “made up” look that’s recently come in. We mentioned draping, which is hardly natural. What else is in? Bold, metallic and colorful lips .¨ hardly natural. That’s right, subtle, natural make up is out, and the rules have drastically changed. The bolder, the better.

As you approach those decisions on how you’d like to look this season, remember… a general rule of thumb: keep your hair natural, and do the opposite with your make up – specifically with your lips and blush application.


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