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Hackathon – A one-stop solution for your recruitment needs

For a long period of time hackathons have been used by companies coupled with marketing efforts, so that they stand ahead of their competitors. Till date hackathons are an indispensable tool as far as marketing tools among tech companies are concerned, their role of late has made a major transformation in numerous ways. They have been integrated seamlessly into the process of recruitment by the eminent IT companies along with start-ups.

So that you hire the cream of the crop, traditional hiring protocols like interview, experience or grades are not going to bear any relevance. As the market is flooded with numerous start-ups, the field of recruitment has gone on to take a new turn where the concept of real problem solving skills has gone on to rise in prominence.

Gone are the days where companies relied on questions like why should we hire you? The difficult process of flipping through resumes and shortlisting is a mammoth task. The worst part is that even the candidates are tired of such processes that are going to take days or even months. Let us now figure out how hackathons and hackathon software have revolutionized the process of recruitment.

Why opt for Hackathons

Power packed, high on the energy levels, where developers along with coders work in harmony for formulation of projects within their peers at pre fixed levels. This entire process takes a time period of 48 hours or goes on to happen within a week where coders go back with a job in hand. You cannot rely on an engineering degree from a reputed college as organizations are on the verge of looking for efficient solutions within tight deadlines.

Among graduates hackathons are immensely popular as they provide an opportunity for trained and creative minds to come together and develop something new. These forms of events go on to attract the new age masses and provide them with an opportunity to work in a dynamic organization where values, anatomy and innovation are of importance.

In 2015, millennial did go on to comprise nearly 1/3 of the work force but by 2030, this number is expected to touch around 75%. The organization is not left with major choices apart from efficient and creative ways of hiring but to keep the employees engaged. By the turn of events, it is hardly a matter of surprise, that companies are engaging in a host of events with an organization so as to ensure the millennial workforce to be challenging themselves. There are various companies who ask the junior staff to take charge of the process of hackathons and develop prototypes. This has proven to be a successful management strategy as it would allow the young minds to step out of their comfort zone, develop new skills and engage in effective collaboration with other employees in an organization.

Both developers and companies are benefitted from hackathon

Though aptitude tests along with interviews might seem to be a feasible option, when it comes to tech companies this is not going to work out. In fact, hackathon are not going to allow an interviewer to judge the technical skills of a candidate, and in the manner they approach a problem and end up dealing with others.

Let us explain things with the aid of Smart File, that is an Indiana based file sharing company. They did go on to formulate back off, where developers were asked to create an app for the company API. The digital manager of the company was not looking for a person who would win the context. He was keener to observe the approach of the participants and opt for someone who is a risk player, aggressive and even a go getter.

The manager did go on to emerge victorious, even though he was part of a losing team. He did notice that they want to showcase a positive attitude even in times of high stress environment. The tendency was not only he was inquisitive but even willing to help the others.

This is the operation module of hackathons. The developers are forced to shift their focus from technology so as to add value to your business. They are not going to remain programmers any more as the onus is on them to become problem solvers and to work as a team. As a developer you can absorb a lot of knowledge, and work on the vital insights that are available.

Organizations are not provided with an opportunity to assess potential of a candidate in real time, but brand awareness along with network with various professionals in the industry is built upon. All the more so when a company has gone on to formulate an excellent product and the tech company has to flip through it. The run of the mill marketing strategies is going to supplement your search efforts, but nothing stands in comparison to a hackathon.


All tech based companies are going gaga over the concept of hackathons. Once time passes and organization begins to evolve hackathon are going to be more in existence with the traditional methods losing out in terms of value. A trend that has been observed is that the cost of recruitment falls down by nearly 80 % once you adopt hackathon.

A notable feature of this concept is that it is a learning experience for the companies and even the developers. Students are in a position to experience something on similar lines as compared to the product cycle of a company. They are in a position to work on their time management skills, even technical knowhow and in due course of time expand their network. Even a one on one interaction is possible with their expert mentors who are going to help students during the course of their projects.

Even prominent companies like Facebook have gone on to adopt Hackathon to open up new horizons of innovation. They have gone on to embrace around 50 real time hackathon that has been the reason behind real life products.


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