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Graphic Eyeliner Is Still All The Rage; Here Is How You Can Get the Perfect Look

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Perhaps more than any other beauty trend this year, graphic eyeliner has spawned numerous spinoffs, such as the TikTok-viral siren eyes and sheer eyeliner. The experimental style first gained widespread attention and TikTok celebrity approval after appearing in programs like Glow Up and, most famously, Euphoria.

While a classic winged eyeliner look is always a safe bet, it’s nice to switch things up every once in a while and try something new with our makeup. Now more than ever, you may play around with your appearance thanks to the graphic eyeliner craze.

Moreover, a graphic liner is a fun and creative approach to drawing attention to your eyes and showcasing your artistic abilities; it is marked by its vivid colors, geometric forms, and limitless possibilities. It’s a style that’s so accessible that even someone who has never used eyeliner before can master the graphic liner look with enough practice.

In search of motivation? Gather your liner and get ready to take notes because we’ve got seven different graphic liner styles for you to attempt.

Graphic Eyeliners Are Still On The Rage; Here Is How You Can Get Your Perfect Look 1
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Photo By @atmilkmakeup/Instagram

Boost your negative space liner to a new level by re-creating this superb style in vivid blue. Make two similar blobs, the length of which should reach the bottom lash line.

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