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The Gorgeous Red Hair Looks We Are Loving RN

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With the hottest season coming to an end, it may be time to embrace the hottest hair transformation. Give your hair the ultimate glow up and keep summer going for a little longer with a fiery hair change; dye it red! Red hair is the ultimate bold and fierce look to go for. This unique hair color can be tricky to figure out. It’s hard to choose the perfect undertone and shade that works for you, but luckily the options are endless! We’ve put together this collection of gorgeous red hair looks we’ve been loving rn- with so many different shades and variants out there it was impossible to narrow down!

DOs & DON’Ts of Going Red

DO work with your skin tone. When choosing your perfect shade of red, it’s best to figure out your skin’s undertone to avoid going with a color that will leave you looking washed out or bring out the redness in your skin.

DON’T think that only pale skin can pull off red hair. The truth is that warmer skin tones can look beautiful with red hair as long as you pick red shades with a hint of copper and warmer undertones.
DO go lighter before going red. If you don’t naturally already have blonde hair, then you might want to take it there. If you’re planning to go for a bold firey red hairdo, then you’ll want the lightest base possible for the color to really pop!
DON’T use just any shampoo. As with most dramatic hair changes, the products you use can really help or hurt the longevity. Stick to sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that promise color vibrancy. Red can be as difficult as blonde to maintain. It’s a thin line between firey red and faded ginger!
DO have some fun with colors! There are so many reds when it comes to dying your hair. Bright orangey reds, dark maroon red, even a mixture of reds for an ombr‚àö¬© effect! Don’t be scared to have some fun and mix things up!
Now let’s take a look at some of our red hair goals to give you a little inspiration!



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