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The Gorgeous Fall Hair Colors that are About to Start Trending

Hair colors are (kind of) the new lipstick. We’re constantly switching them up and we love trying out new ones according to season. We go lighter in the summer and bolder in the winter. The colors we go for really can depend on the atmosphere around us. The point is that you can play around and have fun with your hair color every season. Fall is the perfect time for a switcheroo!

Slowly moving into the colder weather gives us a perfect opportunity to test the waters and play around with what color is in and what works with your hair the best. We’ve put together our suggestions for the hottest hair colors this fall. Let’s have a look at some of the perfect fall looks for your hair!

Hair Painting


Photo Credit: Loan Dean Salon

Let’s start with the most subtle change you can choose. Think of hair painting as the more fun, newer sister of highlighting! While hair highlights are very precisely applied, painting is all over the place and the results are gorgeous! Hair painting is where your stylist will free-handedly paint on some randomly-placed highlights. With no rhyme or reason, this switch-up is guaranteed to leave you with effortlessly brighter and more stylish hair! The lighter colors will really pop against the darker skies and outfits you will choose.

Blackest Black


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Nothing will get that bold lip popping quite like a jet black hair dye. The blackest of black hair is a perfect change for the colder months. It will look beautiful against your paler skin and really bring out the autumnal makeup you’ll be wearing!

Warm Ginger


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It’s no secret that burnt and deep oranges are fall staples; they are lying all over the streets in the form of leaves, after all. So why not mirror that fall classic onto your hair! Warm copper and ginger hair is a great option for autumn. What better way to switch things up according to season than by matching the season itself?



Photo Credit: Kadinve Blog

Did you really think this trend was over? Ombr‚àö¬© hair is a perfect option for fall. The cooler roots and warmer ends really offer a beautiful, deep gradient effect that fits in with the weather beautifully. If you’re not looking to completely add warmth to your hair, ombr‚àö¬© is a great gateway to start edging into copper tones to match the weather!
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