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Glow on the Go with The Face Bar LA!

Many believe in the rejuvenating powers of a facial peel.
However, some believe that traditional chemical peels are harsh and damaging to the skin.
The Face Bar LA is the first beauty bar of its kind in that it offers a “Signature Peel” that is non-damaging to the skin and has minimal downtime.
The result?
Glowing skin that is firmer, more youthful-looking and bright!
We spoke to Face Bar creator, Tricia Dikes, about how to achieve perfect skin!


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Q&A with Tricia Dikes

Tricia, The Face Bar LA is the first beauty bar of its kind. Can you tell us about what type of services you offer your clientele?

We offer two services that I have been performing in a prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and dermatologist office for 20 years: my “Signature Peel” and “The Glow On The Go”.
I have trained the aestheticians at The Face Bar to perform these services in under 30 minutes for a very reasonable price, with minimal to no downtime, using my technique and products I developed specifically for The Face Bar.
Our “Signature Peel” takes 30 minutes and is $69. It lightens, brightens and tightens the skin, minimizing pores, acne, acne scars, fine lines, brown spots, hyper-pigmentation, malasma, sun damage and revives the skin’s elasticity and collagen, giving you an instant youthful dewy glow and a smoother texture to your skin.
Most clients notice a 70% change after just one treatment and results last for months.
I like to say that a facial is like a car wash; my “Signature Peel” is like a car detail!

Our other service is called “The Glow on the Go” which is a hydrating, plumping, clarifying, and firming 20-minute mini-facial, for $49, designed for clients who want to look amazing for an event or to maintain their gorgeous skin after having a peel.


You are a well-known skin aesthetician in Beverly Hills. Tell us about your background in skincare and how you came to create your establishment.

I’ve been working in Beverly Hills for the past 20 years. To be honest, it was a lot of trial and error!
At the beginning, my mom would let me try almost anything on her face!
And I’m so thankful she did as that is how I found my perfect formula that really works on all skin types.
When I put together my line of products years ago, I decided to take all of my favorite ingredients from many products and find a way to formulate them all into my line, and many of them are in each product that is why these products work so well.


As a businesswoman and entrepreneur, were there any particular hurdles or obstacles that you had to overcome to create The Face Bar?

The biggest hurdle was to decide if I wanted to invest the time and energy into putting my peels and products into a storefront.
I have always been a quiet little secret in town and I’m a bit of a creature of habit! I’ve been approached many times over the years to open a storefront or to take my products to the masses…it just all seemed to happen when I met my investor and business partner; he’s an amazing guy who I felt I could work well with. He really believed in me!
So we went for it!


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