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Glamorous: SMP In Our Latest Style!

I- Introduction

Although not many have heard about SMP, its impressive effect on covering severe hair-loss bald spots is acknowledged by most people who had chosen this to improve their appearance aesthetics. The International Hairlines practitioners are skillfully trained to bring the natural-looking hairlines to the scalp with experts in Scalp micropigmentation in North Carolina with some technique that is quite the same as eyebrow microblading except for the more long-lasting effect.

II- Styles that fit using SMP?

  1. Soft and broken hairlines

Soft and broken is the style that’s often caught being used by Caucasians or people with fair skin. It gives a natural look to people that have bright-colored hair follicles. The shades used to recreate the hair coverage on the scalp will be prone to pale and light-toned colors and will be quite a fit for those with a vast area of the empty scalp. This choice of ink pigmentation will effectively blend well with your skin tone and make the resort to micropigmentation less evident to the eyes.

  1. Medium hairlines

The medium style consists of dots of ink with pigment shades that are reckoned neutral, and because of this, it doesn’t just help replicate the hair follicles but also creates an illusion that your hair is back to its inherent state. The combination of dark-toned tattoo ink points and uneven, faded ones bring the feeling that your hair capacity is outstandingly fuller but in a natural-looking way.

  1. Defined hairlines.

For ones that have dark skin and want to camouflage their receding hairlines, this might be a good fix. The approach uses sharp lines and defined hues to revise the thinning lines on the surface of your head and seems to be more compatible with treatment to patients that haven’t lost much hair but need to cover a couple of inconsiderable bald spots.

III. What are the benefits of SMP in your style?

SMP is not the topical product that you used on your hair or your scalp. Also, it is not the complicated hair transplant process that needs many costs and visits to the therapists afterward for the best results. However, it can somehow offset the downsides of these typical therapies to the hair. Below are some benefits of SMP that you may like to know about:

  1. It’s a quick and easy solution

Anyone suffering from unusual hair loss and descending hair density must face multiple difficulties trying to find a cure for their condition. The common ways for treating thinning hairlines seem to either take an eternity to make progress or are too expensive to afford. Having a hair transplant is beyond many people’s budgets. Using herbal and hair supplement products takes a long time, but what if you want a low-maintenance solution and need a quick fix to be more confident in every social event?

Micropigmentation is for sure cheaper than hair transplant and much quicker. It uses many of the tiny dots of different layers of multi-hued colors to fill the bald spots on the scalp. Skillfully trained experts in micropigmentation will analyze the tone of your complexion and the intensity of the hair loss condition to decide a range of pigmentations. The combination of pigmentations will subtly create a shadow on the surface of your head and your forehead, which looks like your natural hair color the most. However, the procedure is non-invasive and is carried out with different size needles that penetrate the skin not so deeply but enough to deposit ink dots into the upper layer of the skin.

  1. It is pretty long lasting

Although the costs spent on micropigmentation are relatively low compared to hair transplant, it takes a long time for the pigmentation dots on your scalp to fade. These tattoo-like dots can keep their original colors for up to 8 years, and unless the pigments are used carelessly, they won’t change soon. However, the fading process may occur more quickly than expected if you have dry skin because dry skin tends to exfoliate the pigments off a little in a pretty short time.

  1. It looks natural and can deal with different conditions of thinning hair:

You can resort to this solution to your baldness if you have alopecia, thinning hair, male/female pattern baldness, or receding lines of hair. Moreover, suppose you entrust your hair loss condition to a skillful and highly-trained practitioner. In that case, they will know how to revise the inherently natural look of your scalp with the perfectly matching combination of hues that seamlessly mingle with your complexion. 

IV- Pros and cons:

  1. Pros
  • It doesn’t include many treatment products that take a long time to come in handy, like essential oils, health supplements, herbal shampoos, conditioners.
  • It is a low-expense solution compared to a hair transplant.
  • It is a quick fix when you want to bolster your confidence to go to social events or even daily activities like work or school.
  • It varies in style and caters to people with different hairstyles, hair loss severity, skin tones.
  1. Cons
  • For people with sensitive skins, the procedure of having the scalp implanted with pigmentation might result in some unpleasant feelings to the head skin. However, the techniques won’t produce unbearable pain.
  • Within a week after having your scalp tattooed with pigmentation ink dots, you will have to adhere to some protocols such as not wetting your head and keeping you from sweating as much as possible, so taking some days off the gym is advised.

V. Conclusion

To sum up, micropigmentation is a totally feasible and even perfect option if you need some quick and helpful approach to recreate the look of a hair-dense scalp. It is low-expense, low-maintenance, and easy to get done. However, there are some tips you should bear in mind once you have decided to take a micropigmentation procedure. Choosing for you a clinic consisting of qualified and experienced practitioners is extremely important. Following their aftercare advice is necessary if you don’t want the micropigmentation results to bleach quickly instead of lasting for years as they should be.

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