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Give the Gift of Great Scents this Holiday with Grace Note Gifts

This time of year brings fond memories of cooking with family in the kitchen, mulling hot cider, making hot cocoa and cookies for Santa and the scent of Christmas pine. This year, celebrate the holidays with scent cubes from Grace Note Gifts.

For those of you unfamiliar with scent cubes, they are wax cubes infused with scent oil. These cubes are meant to be used with a scent warmer. These are superior to candles for a few reasons. Firstly, there is no open flame; the cubes are warmed with a low watt light bulb from underneath so your warmer is safer to use. You can leave it on for hours without worry because the scent cubes burn at a low temperature. Hence,
they are safe for children and pets. If the wax melts and a child puts his or her hand in the warmer, it will not burn. For these reasons, I highly recommend a wax burner rather than a candle this season.

Grace Aldape is the creator of Grace Note Gifts. I asked her how she got started creating wax melt scents and she told me, “I am a proud stay-at-home mother of two, rambunctious little boys, and began making candles in January of 2012 after a lifelong love of using wonderfully scented candles. I enjoy having a creative outlet and love all the encouraging comments my happy customers give me. I strongly believe that scents help you to make and remember certain memories and that is one of the main reasons I’ve always loved using candles in my home. Simply smelling a certain fragrance takes me back in an instant to specific place and time. I love creating “scent memories” by crafting high quality soy wax melts that others can use and enjoy in their own homes. I chose soy wax because it’s grown here in the U.S.A. and is a sustainable and renewable source. Soy wax is also biodegradable which is another reason it was a good choice for me to use. I also use recyclable packaging to reduce waste.”

I chose a few fragrances from Grace’s fall and winter collection, Mulled Cider, Christmas Hearth, Spiced Cranberry Tea, Peppermint Bark, Pumpkin Souffle, Hot Cocoa and Hansel and Gretel’s House. My favorite is Hot Cocoa, which smells exactly like a piping hot, creamy mug of hot chocolate. Grace is right; when I smell this wax melt, I am immediately brought back to a time when I was a child drinking hot cocoa in the middle of winter. Hansel and Gretel’s House reminds me of a sugar cookie with creamy pumpkin mixed in. A dessert delight! And Mulled Cider smells just like hot wassail on a blustery day. These scent cubes invoke a delightful trip down memory lane. Grace also knows the importance of giving back to the community. She is currently making 100 soy wax melts to donate to her church’s women’s ministry.
They will be going in Christmas boxes that will help single moms this holiday season.
To order your own holiday scented wax bars from Grace Note Gifts to bring back old memories and to make new ones, visit:

And to donate to Grace’s church to help single moms this holiday season, visit:

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