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Get Ready to Have Fun with the Sumo Gigantor Lounger!

The Sumo Gigantor is the best beanbag chair ever!

Let’s face it, bigger is usually better. And if you like to live life large, you probably want big furniture, too! If you love gigantic, then there is only one beanbag chair that will satisfy you:
the Sumo Gigantor!

First off, we can’t even begin to tell you how huge this beanbag chair is! It fit four of us comfortably! And we even laid down to take a nap! It really should be called a beanbag couch, not a chair because you, your friends, family, all of the kids, and the neighbor’s dog can pile into this enormous piece of furniture! And can you imagine a gaggle of teenage girls at a slumber party? We bet they can all fit on the Sumo Gigantor while watching movies, eating popcorn, and talking about boys all night long. For a very pampered pet, this is the ultimate dog bed. The Sumo Gigantor must seem like heaven for any spoiled dog or cat.

Sumo Lounge 3

Just how enormous is the Sumo Gigantor? Well, it measures 6 feet by 3 feet. Because it is made of Superior SumoFoam, it will never go flat even when several of your friends jump on it. It will always remain fluffy and full of fun. Ours is charcoal in color, but it also comes in 12 other shades ranging from rose pink to more eart-toned colors. We love the micro-suede cover because you can easily zip it off to machine wash it.
Then, simply place it back on for effortless cleaning. Seriously, people who buy regular couches are clueless because they are missing out on all of the SumoFun.

Right now, you can get free shipping so what are you waiting for? Your place will be the party palace with the Sumo Gigantor!



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Get Ready to Have Fun with the Sumo Gigantor Lounger!


Get Ready to Have Fun with the Sumo Gigantor Lounger!

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