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Get Nutritional Value from Your Protein Powder

Too many people rely on protein powder with no nutritional value. A lot of times, protein powders are made either just to give you energy or to provide you with protein without focusing on other ingredients and health benefits. Regularly, people are told that they are drinking something healthy when, in reality, what they are drinking may have protein but offers little else as far as health benefits go. It was because of this issue that Stephen Zieminski founded Naked Nutrition with the idea that you can get protein powder that not only does what it’s supposed to but that is also healthy for you! Why is this so important? Well, nutritional protein powder can much more easily help you get in shape in time for summer!

For instance, the best-selling Naked Pea Protein Powder comes from raw yellow peas grown in the USA and Canada and doesn’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or unhealthy mixing agents. When we heard about Naked Nutrition here at VIVA GLAM Magazine, naturally, being a vegan company, we were more than a little excited to try it. We mixed 2 scoops of the Naked Pea Protein Powder with 10 ounces of oat milk and added a banana for a tasty vegan treat. It was absolutely delicious. With only one ingredient in the protein powder, pea protein extracted from yellow split peas, we knew without a doubt we were enjoying a true vegan healthy treat. Pea protein is easily absorbed by the body (and we believe that peas, in general, are really the best and healthiest source of plant protein), so it is an excellent vegan alternative to whey protein or other protein powders. Naturally, as pea protein is the only ingredient, this product is also free of dairy, soy, and GMOs. And, honestly, we couldn’t taste the difference between this and regular whey protein powders. It was a delicious, healthy treat that actually contributed to our nutritional value, which is truly a rare treasure.  

By keeping this as an alternative to some of our meals leading up to summer (and incorporating it in with our regular workout routine), we are well on our way to being bikini ready in time for summer! So, we can’t recommend the Pea Protein Powder from Naked Nutrition enough.

Another Naked Nutrition treat we highly recommend is the Citrus Flavor Naked Energy Pre-Workout Formula. We found it to really help motivate and push us through even the toughest workouts. It is a vegan, clean pre-workout powder formulated to boost energy, provide strength and power, and give you that extra edge to maximize your workout. We found that after taking this pre-workout powder, we had more focus, increased performance at the gym, and we were able to bounce back from an exercise routine more quickly. This naturally makes sense, as Citrus Naked Energy has ingredients such as caffeine, beta-alanine, and creatine that help promote healing as well as necessary B Vitamins, which provide a boost in energy.

So, take control of your health and your fitness by trying Naked Nutrition today. With pure ingredients that are easy to understand and a clear fitness regimen, you can take your health into your own hands and prepare your body for summer- the right way! We added Naked Nutrition to our regular regimen, and the results really did blow us away. Are you ready to enhance your workout regimen in time for summer?

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