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Get Great Hair with a Twist from PoniLox

I think we’ve all experienced bad hair days. I have hair down to my waist and it is super thick and coarse. Quite often I have thrown up my hands in defeat, knowing my hair has won again. But the other day I was introduced to PoniLox.

These hair clips insert into your hair and really hold! I’ve tried just about everything, each product promising a miracle. And they’ve usually been too small, too tight, not strong enough, or would break under the weight of my ponytail. PonyLox really did what it promised. It held my hair all day long. I didn’t get a headache like I usually do from a rubber band. And it held my hair tightly without looking weird or cumbersome.

I simply twisted my hair to the end. Then, inserted the comb into my hair and clipped the PoniLox onto my hair. I pulled up to secure and that was it! It looked polished and cute and was extremely easy to do. This style would be perfect for an evening out, a business suit, going to the gym or just wanting to keep cool on a humid summer day.

You can also do a low twist, high twist, chignon, full twist and low side twist (I did the high twist and it took me 30 seconds flat from start to finish)!

To order your PoniLox in tortoise shell, black lacquer with rhinestones and other styles, visit their website!

And to watch a video showing how simple and easy it is to use PoniLox!


HINT: PoniLox are economical and make ideal stocking stuffers for the holidays!

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