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Get Glowy, Dewy Beauty with Celebrity Makeup Artist Jose Corella!

Jose Corella, The Man Behind the Glam

VIVA GLAM Magazine learned about makeup artist-to-the-stars Jose Corella and some of his signature, sexy looks!

Last Saturday we had the unique opportunity to attend a makeup seminar held by celebrity makeup artist, Jose Corella, in downtown Los Angeles. ICYDK, Jose’s signature makeup is known for being dewy, glowy, and super sexy! What did we learn? Inquiring minds want to know!


Jose began his career as a photographer. Then two and a half years ago, a client asked him to do her makeup.
He began doing makeup for friends and clients and it soon became his bread and butter over photography! After only a short period of time, he was a well-respected and highly sought-after makeup artist that is known for his signature look.



Jose uses gold tones in his color scheme and although his makeup is dewy and fresh, he usually only uses highlighter on the cheekbones. He also has a light hand when it comes to eye shadow and liner, preferring to use powder as liner rather than liquid. Jose said this is because liquid liner can be aging on some women, especially those over 40. His eye shadow choices are not dark. Rather, they have a bit of shimmer in them and are in the gold family.



Regarding brows, Jose doesn’t believe in an overly dark or pronounced brow that you might see on Instagram. Instead, he prefers a more natural brow. He chooses to use power and gel on them and brushes them up to their natural shape.



When an audience member asked what was the makeup trend he was tired of seeing, he instantly replied, “matte lipstick!”
He said he no longer wants to see dry, small lips that are caused by liquid matte lipstick. Instead, Jose prefers sexy, full and shiny lips that are achieved by drawing the lip line slightly larger with a neutral pencil. Then, he fills in the entire lip with pencil. Finally, he applies a rich crème lipstick or gloss.
Jose thinks the sexier the lip, the better! He so gets us!



Who would be his ideal celebrity clients? Jose said he would love the opportunity to work on Charlize Theron, Beyonce, Candice Swanepoel, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley! But he said that Beyonce would be his #1 ultimate star to do!




Thank you, Jose for sharing your talent and knowledge with us at your seminar! We look forward to learning more from you in the future!


You can find him at:

Instagram @JoseCorella

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