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Get a Crazy New Eye Colour for Halloween

Halloween is coming and there’s only one way to completely up the scare factor! Dust off your old costume and give it a new lease of life by adding a pair of Halloween colour contacts to this year’s fancy dress. Alternatively, make this the year to let your creativity run wild and get yourself a brand new costume or try out your SFX makeup skills.

With a huge range of crazy coloured contact lenses available for Halloween, you can ensure you are looking super spooky. The bold pigmented colours of the Halloween coloured contacts are paired with soft breathable material so you can enjoy a comfortable lightweight feel throughout your Halloween event. Most popular Halloween lenses can be found in non-prescription and prescription so your glasses won’t be stopping you from unlocking your Halloween monster. Choose the strength you need and enjoy clear vision with your colour changing contacts.

Some of the most popular styles include red, white, and black Halloween coloured contacts. These classic horror colours can be paired with a huge range of characters so if you are doing a 31 Days Of Halloween makeup challenge or working at a scare event, you can reuse the lenses in multiple costumes.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a one-off pair of crazy Halloween coloured contacts, you can shop from plenty of single-use daily lenses for one night of spooky fun.

Some of the most popular ranges of Halloween contact lenses include Mini Sclera, Blind Effect, and UV. These special SFX lenses give extra freaky effects to your eyes.

  • Mini Sclera Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses: This design features a classic block colour to the iris but the difference is that the Mini Sclera lenses have an extra-large diameter for a freaky enlarged iris.
  • Blind Effect Coloured Contact Lenses: As the name suggests, the blind coloured contacts do obstruct your vision. The colour pigment covers the iris and pupil giving a spooky blanked out look to the eye.
  • UV Coloured Contact Lenses: While in daylight these lenses may look like regular coloured contacts, under UV blacklight you will see them give an eerie glow in a range of colours. Just remember, the colour of the lenses in normal light may differ from the look under UV reactive light but we think you will absolutely love the results. These are perfect for pairing with UV body paint.

Think outside the usual zombies, ghouls, and monsters this Halloween with a pair of animal coloured contact lenses. This underrated style of crazy contact lenses can create a seriously spooky effect as part of your Halloween fancy dress thanks to the vertical pupil design. Based on cat’s eyes, the vertical pupils of the cat, reptile, snake, and dragon coloured contacts are an easy way to completely change the look of your eyes. If you are inspired by the werewolves and shape-shifters of fantasy novels, you can also pick from popular Werewolf Coloured Contact Lenses. This style is a top pick for all kinds of creepy Halloween monsters.

Whether you are creating your own original character or have opted for a well-known Halloween monster such as a zombie, skeleton, creepy clown, or broken doll; coloured contact lenses for Halloween elevate your fancy dress to look like you have stepped straight off the set of a horror movie. In fact, plenty of films have included various styles of coloured contact lenses. Now you can too with cheap affordable coloured contacts that have vibrant pigmentation and soft breathable material. Choose safe Halloween coloured contacts from and enjoy the Halloween season

If you have never used coloured contact lenses before, make sure to test out your new lenses before the big event so you can practice inserting the lenses and get used to how they feel. The lightweight material means that many people report feeling incredibly comfortable all night long. If you are new to using coloured contacts, we recommend picking up a couple of extra pairs to allow yourself to practice.

Your crazy new eye colour starts here. You may start by using coloured contacts for Halloween but you can also introduce them into your daily life with hundreds of natural and cosplay designs available too. However, we love Halloween because it gives you the perfect opportunity to try that crazy new eye colour in outrageous shades of red, white, black, orange, green, and more.

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