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Can You Do A Gel Manicure At Home?

While doing your nails at home isn’t a bad idea, there are many who advocate strongly for having the gel nails applied in a professional setting. If you’re not sure what a gel manicure is, it’s the type of treatment where a nail technician in a salon uses gel to bind synthetic fingernails to your existing ones, and then colors them, leading to several benefits.

The first benefit is the longevity, I mean, I can tell you that they don’t chip and removing them requires some skill, but do you really need to head to the salon every single time you want to have them done? In the past the answer was probably yes, but I did some research and you know what? Yes, you can do them at home if you have the right products. You can even cure between layers and create instantly dry nail art; who wants plain old nails anyway?

Getting the Gel Manicure
at Home

Before you jump into the gel nail hype, one thing that you must know is that the gel nail polish available in the at-home kits are much thinner, meaning you must cure it as quickly as possible. If you don’t do it fast, the polish will actually flood into the cuticles, meaning you’ll have some spots that are thicker than others and you can bet it’s going to be noticeable.

If you want to do some nail art, as a tip, I recommend using either nail polish or acrylic paint to do the more detailed designs, but do make sure that those designs dry before you apply the gel topcoat. The advice I’m giving here isn’t universal; every gel kit you get will probably have different instructions, some being really simple and others requiring you to pay very close attention during the application.

The At-Home Job

Each and every gel kit is going to be different, which I said before, but no matter how good your kit is, it’s never going to fully replace the high-tech UV lights of the salon. Still, there’s just something about being able to get it done at home, and if you don’t have $35 to spend every single time you want perfect nails, then doing it at home is definitely going to be appealing.

So in short, the answer is yes, you CAN do them at home, but wait! Doing your nails is great, but are there vegan/cruelty free nail polishes? Actually yes, there are, and we spent some time putting a list together so that you don’t have to!:

  • Couture Gel Nail Polish
  • Nubar
  • Madam Glam
  • FingerPaints
  • Gelish

It’s not difficult to get the perfect nails at home, just make sure you find the right polish and most importantly, go for the cruelty free option every time!

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