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Fun, Flirty, and Sexy in Strawberry Red

The New “IT” Red is Here, Strawberry!

Normally, I find matte liquid lipsticks to be a bit dry and dehydrating, which makes my lips look thinner. But when I tried Strawberry by Anastasia Beverly Hills, I was pleasantly surprised to discover it left my lips smooth, soft, and supple.

It is hard for me to pull off red because my light features can make it appear too harsh. But Strawberry has an orange pigment in it that makes the color more summery.
This is a good daytime red, and it goes well with bronzed eye shadows and liquid eyeliner.
I absolutely love it on darker skin tones too; it is such a beautiful combination.

Katarina Van Derham kat lash strawberry red
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What I like about liquid lipsticks is I don’t have to use a lip liner, and I can still over draw my lips and make them look bigger than they actually are. Also, when you apply a liquid lipstick it stays put all day.
Strawberry is highly pigmented so the color remains vibrant and true. This is definitely a fun color to wear any season!


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