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Fun DIY Accessories to Make Your Look More Playful

These vintage accessories are fun, flirty, and here to accent your look. Take inspiration, and upgrade you look.

Come on Clip-on

Adda little vintage flare to your look. This is a creative way to use Grandma’s vintage clip on earrings you inherited but have no idea what to do with! I came up with this idea one day going through my jewelry left to me by my grandmother. I LOVED the clip-ons but couldn’t wear them because they killed my ears, so I got creative. All you need is strip of leather cording which you can order online or get from your local fabric/craft store. Make sure it’s long enough to wrap around your head the desired number of times, then get crazy with the clip-ons! You can cluster multiple earrings or use just one. Play with the positioning of them too. Your funky headband is sure to get tons of compliments.

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Wrap It Up

Try this fun trendy wrap bracelet! Fun to make but way more fun to wear.

This wrap bracelet is one of my favorite DIY projects because it’s so affordable to make and it comes out looking amazing! Best of all it’s probably one of the easiest DIY projects I’ve ever done! Go to any fabric/craft store and look for nylon cording……actually you can use virtually any cording that is thin enough. Get creative! You’ll also need a specific type of button called a “shank” button to slip onto the cording. Check out the jewelry trends online and get to shopping! These bracelets are affordable to make, beautiful to wear and make great gifts too.

Blue Collar Work Her

This is something I discovered when re-working a men’s shirt to create a blazer. I cut the collar out of the shirt, looked at it and had an epiphany (okay maybe epiphany is being bit dramatic) but I had an idea……what if I used this collar as a necklace or as a layer to show off another necklace? So being the lover of unique fashion that I am I tried it out……wearing it once with a brooch and another time with a necklace. The response to this simple thing was overwhelming! You would have thought I was Albert Einstein (okay so may a bit over the top again) but it did get rave reviews So here you are! Just give it a try!

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