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Four Eyes- Fun New Websites to Shop for Eyewear

Fun and Funky Eyewear at Affordable Prices

Have you noticed the number of people geeking out lately? I mean 2 years ago I’d walk around blind before I sported my glasses but now I’m wearing my thick black rimmed frames with pride. That’s right, the time has come where it’s officially cool to be a dork!! Okay maybe not cool to be a dork but cool to look like one. Even people with perfect vision are jumping on the eyewear bandwagon. Sheesh….can’t you guys ever let us vision impaired have our glory? We used to be dorks, four eyes and nerds and now that we’re finally cool you think you can just come in and steel our thunder?! Fortunate for you we’re happy to share the spotlight and I’m even willing to share my top picks for cool sites to score yourself a new pair of frames.


With the rising popularity of eyewear in recent years more and more companies have been hitting the web trying to bring fun, trendy and affordable frames to the masses. Many of these companies offer smart and innovative ways to let you choose what frame is best for you. From shipping out multiple samples to first try on before buying to allowing their customers to “virtually” try on the fames by uploading a picture these sites will help you find your inner nerd in no time!!




Warby Parker is a collaboration of four friends who wanted to offer an alternative to high priced designer frames, allowing their customers to get a fashion forward yet high quality frame at a reasonable price. They allow their customers to choose 5 sample frames to try out for 5 days. After the 5 days you ship them back (on their dime of course) and place the order on their website for the frames you liked. Not only will you be getting a super fab pair of specs but for every pair of eyeglasses Warby Parker sells they will donate a pair of glasses to a person in need. Now that’s what I call good vision!! Visit Warby Parker at


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Eyefly is a sophisticated partnership between Bluefly, one of the leading online retailers of designer fashion, and A+D Labs, a designer and manufacturer of designer eyewear. All frames are just $99 and eyefly has a cool take on trying on your favorite frames. They allow you to upload a picture and “virtually” try the specs on! With free shipping and free returns Eyefly has done everything to make their consumer shopping experience convienent and risk-free. Visit Eyefly at


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Formerly Spexclub, Lookmatic is the collaberation of former top executives, Robert Hillman and Jeff Cole of eyerwear heavy hitters Pearle Vision and Cole Vision. They offer a little something for everyone…..$95 prescription glasses (including sunglasses) or $65 non-prescription glasses or sunglasses and they also offer designer frames that range in price. They also offer free shipping and returns and have two ways you can virutally try on your glasses, photo upload or through their 3-D live beta feed. This feature allows you to take a look at the glasses from every angle. Pretty amazing if you ask me! Out of all the sites this is my favorite with the most fashionable and fun eyewear. Visit them at


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Stay fashionably nerdy!!!


xoxo Rene’ 



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