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FOU FOU Cosmetics

FouFou has been a professional makeup artist and hair stylist since 2004. Her inspiration comes from many places: magazines, billboards, editorials, blogs and other makeup artists. She also gets inspiration from her clients. In fact, she says, ”
I have learned no matter what challenge you are faced with, you always keep a positive attitude and always keep your clients happy. My clients are always happy and
satisfied with the quality of service I provide them with.”

Her makeup style always leans towards clean and simple and she specializes in enhancing one’s beauty without over powering them with makeup.
FOU FOU always wanted to have her own line of cosmetics for as long as she could remember.
She released her own line of lip colors because she felt that no makeup line in the market
portrayed her vision of what makeup should be.
She said, “I wanted to
create a line that is highly pigmented with a .≤lock in’ feature which allows the product to last all day. The goal of wearing the product is to
nourish the skin, keep
moisturized and refreshed all day.”


When we asked FouFou what is the number one mistake women make when it comes to lipstick, she believes it is choosing the wrong color for their complexion.
FouFou says, “Finding the right lip color that’s made perfectly for your skin tone is not an easy
task, but one must always choose what makes them feel the most beautiful. For example, darker tones look better on pale skin tones and lighter colors work best for most tanned skin.”

With red being such a bold color, we asked FouFou the rules when it comes to wearing red? She said, “In my opinion, there are absolutely no rules in wearing red lipstick. I love red lipstick. It’s bold, classy and reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. I would say it would be inappropriate to wear red lipstick to a funeral per se, but if you feel like waking up and wearing red lipstick to the gym by all means do it! In fact, this is totally something I would do!”



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