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Forget Waxing: Sugaring is the New Craze for a SEXY Bikini Line

What is Bikini Sugaring?

We’re constantly on the pulse of innovative beauty solutions. It often feels like there’s a new beauty fad every week that promises to fix our life and pay our taxes. We’re always willing to give it a try and eager to put our trust in it. The trends get stranger and stranger and we get less and less convinced… oh, who are we kidding. We all know we’re going to endlessly trust and try out new things. Well, every so often comes a trend that actually delivers, and we’re here to give you the info. on this one. Bikini waxes are just one of those things that will forever be painful and uncomfortable, but we’ll take any solution or help offered; and that solution comes in the form of bikini sugaring…

What is Bikini Sugar?

Bikini sugar is actually a very simple mixture of sugar, lemon and hot water. The three ingredients are combined to create a hot scrub-like formula that can be used for hair removal. This can actually come in two forms; a paste that is used at a lukewarm temperature and applied similarly to wax, or a cooler paste that is massaged onto your skin and slowly removes the hairs (the latter is much harder to come across).
It’s most commonly used on the bikini area for a gentler and inexpensive alternate to generic waxing. But what do you do with the mixture?

How Bikini Sugaring Works

The beauty treatment of sugaring has actually been around for centuries. This technique of hair removal has been very popular across the Middle East. The gel-like formula is used to remove the hair without pulling at the skin. It grabs onto the hair and pulls it out with hurting. The mixture is applied the same as wax, and you are recommended to getting it done at the salon- no good can come of DIYs and messing around down there!

How Often and Where?

As with many waxing experiences, it is recommended to have it done professionally. Attempting to make the mixture by yourself could end up potentially going wrong so we’d rather be safe than sorry -especially when it comes to down under!

Bikini sugaring can really range in prices. From $15 to $45 it really can range. It costs less overtime, and since this is a method that can help prevent more hair growth it is likely to cost very little after a few visits!

Why Sugar over Wax?

You know when a beauty treatment sounds almost too good to be true? Yep, this is one of them. But luckily it’s all very much true! The benefits of sugaring over waxing are endless. This gentle approach is not applied hot and so you’re guaranteed to not experience any burning. What we love most about sugaring is how less painful it is! The sugar adheres to your hair and not your skin, so when it is being pulled off you’re unlikely to feel that surge of pain. It gently exfoliates your skin leaving it silky rather than red and raw!
If that weren’t enough, we love that this method is all natural. The simple ingredients in the paste make this method safer for you and for the environment! It’s perfectly formulated to make sure you experience a fraction of the pain or redness you get with waxing. This solution is ideal for sensitive skin!

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