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“Fly” with Style at the Pan Am Experience

The Pan Am Experience Offers the Glamorous Event of a Lifetime

Do you miss the era where people dressed up and made an event out of travel? Did you not get the chance to live that magic in the past but wish you could? Well, now here’s your chance to experience the glitz and glam of Pan Am in an exact replica of their classic Boeing 747. Welcome to the Pan Am Experience!

The Pan Am Experience transports you back in time to the glamorous, jet-setting lifestyle of the 1970s. This exclusive experience offers “travelers” the journey of a lifetime from out of Air Hollywood in Pacoima, California. Air Hollywood, the world’s largest aviation-themed entertainment studio, is where major films such as “Bridesmaids”, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, and “Charlie Wilson’s War” were filmed. It’s also your location for a magical evening when you join the Pan Am crew for a classy, vibrant ride.

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The VIVA GLAM Team Enters the Pan Am Experience in Style (From Left to Right: Malorie Mackey, Katarina Van Derham, Oskar Rivera, Holley Wolfe; Photo by Rachel Rambaldi)

As you arrive for your special event, enter into the Clipper Club to check-in and receive your boarding pass and luggage tag. Sit around this “VIP” lounge and enjoy viewing pieces of Pan Am’s history. Get a champagne at the bar and take a seat next to coffee tables made out of real airplane parts. By the entrance to the Clipper Club, a table made out of the fan of an airplane engine steals the show.

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A Pan Am Stewardess Checks in Guests (Photo by Daniel Sliwa.)

Suddenly, the music pops to an up-beat track as the Pan Am flight attendants and captains all parade into the lounge in style. They march to the beat of the music and board the plane to get ready for “departure.” As you follow behind them and board the “flight,” you would have no idea that you were only on a set in a sound stage, as the “plane” is beautifully crafted to look and feel like an authentic, vintage Pan Am plane.

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Malorie Mackey and Katarina Van Derham Get Ready to Board (Photo by Rachel Rambaldi)

There are three cabins to experience during your time on the craft, and you are encouraged to explore them all. Each area has been beautifully crafted to display Pan Am’s original cabin decor. To the right as you enter is the “Clipper Cabin” with seats set up around tables as well as in aisles that are four-seats wide. This area also contains the open bar.

To the left of the “aircraft” entrance is the First Class cabin, featuring a beautiful explosion of vibrant reds and blues. The seats are both royal blue and bright red, accompanying the crimson carpets. The walls contain a vintage display of patterned colors, and there is leg room for days in first class!

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The First Class Cabin (Photo by Mike Kelley)

Up the fun, spiral stairs you will find the upper deck. It’s a bright, gorgeous lounge for the most eccentric passengers. The atmosphere of the lounge encourages guests to be more social.

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The Upper Deck (Photo by Mike Kelley)

As your experience begins, Hans, the captain of the aircraft, comes over the intercom and gives an extremely amusing welcome. As you go through the safety display, you can’t help but smile at the puns and jokes made and the very expressive personalities of the stewardesses. Everyone is clearly having a great time, making it easy for the people experiencing the event to match their energy level and have a great time, as well.

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The Captain Shows off The Pan Am Experience Cake Gifted by the VIVA GLAM Team (Photo by Rachel Rambaldi)

Then, the stewardesses, in their beautiful light blue and light brown vintage costumes, bring you your drink menu and authentic magazines from the 1970s to enjoy while on flight. For the history buffs, finding the Time Magazine that covers Nixon’s resignation and Ford’s acceptance into the presidency is really a gold mine. You can be rest assured that the staff will continue to bring you countless drinks from the bar, and the holiday specialties for each holiday season are something you must try.

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A Pan Am Stewardess Brings Drinks (Photo by Daniel Sliwa)

They offer an array of traditional and vegetarian meals, leaving you full and happy after your experience. The details in all of the utensils, glassware, and china are extremely well-considered. There are Pan Am logos adorned as a beautiful design on all of the dining elements.

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Dinner is Served (Photo by Daniel Sliwa)

In between courses, find yourself amused at the fashion show featuring the stewardess outfits from over the decades of Pan Am. The fashion show is so lively, as all of the ladies have an over-abundance of energy as the captain captions the outfits over the intercom. From the pants suits of the 1960s to the caplets of the 1970s, the Pan Am women always featured the best style.

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A Pan Am Stewardess Shows off her Vintage Uniform during the Fashion Show

On top of the lively entertainment and wonderful food, the music on the plane cannot be overlooked. Classic songs play as everyone enjoys the atmosphere of this classy, glamorous experience. If you’re not busy socializing, you can always enjoy taking it easy and listening to those catchy tunes.

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Oskar Rivera Shows off his Pan Am Luggage Bag. (Photo by Rachel Rambaldi.)

The crew for the Pan Am Experience doesn’t miss a single detail in making this event truly magical for everyone. From the drinks to the food to the entertainment, every detail is covered and well thought-out. They even provide you with a fake “cigarette” near the end of you “trip” that you can blow into to produce “smoke.” There is an in-house photographer going around catching photos of everyone for the evening, as well, so you can remember your experience for years to come.

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Katarina Van Derham and Holley Wolfe get their “Cigarettes” Lit Up. (Photo by Rachel Rambaldi.)

If you’re into fashion, glam, dressing up, and having a good time, the Pan Am Experience is a must-do. You can visit their website at to sign up for notifications on ticket sales! But, monitor the site closely, as tickets sell out fast. Celebrities have been lining up for the experience, making it more and more popular, so you’ll want to get your tickets the day they become available.

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The VIVA GLAM Team Enjoying the Pan Am Experience (From Left to Right: Malorie Mackey, Katarina Van Derham, Oskar Rivera, Holley Wolfe; Photo by Rachel Rambaldi)

The VIVA GLAM Magazine team had a blast on board the Pan Am Experience. We highly recommend this unique event to everyone, and we hope you have the time of your life on board, as well.

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