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Fitness Influencer Lauren Boggi on Why You Need to Try Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting

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There are now thousands of fitness influencers, both established and up and coming. Why do you think people assume there is only one way to “look fit”? How do you hope to change that?

I think that it’s part cultural and also due to socialized gender roles. What it means to be fit is changing and it’s really exciting. It’s so great now that ALL of these influencers have these absolutely ridiculous and amazing bodies, and it’s fascinating how DIFFERENT we all are. There are ballerina types and athlete types and cheerleader types. It’s cool because you can see, that if you work out, how many different kinds of “in shape” there are – and how anyone working out can relate to one and probably see themselves in one of them.

In what ways do you hope to change the fitness industry with your expertise?

I aim to help the Lauren Boggi Active community sculpt the leanest and most athletic version of themselves through my workouts – whether that’s willowy, ripped, or somewhere in between. CCS is unique in that it doesn’t produce just one body type the way that Crossfit or Pilates do. My high intensity cardio sequences and cheer-inspired strength training make for the best version of your individual body type. To me, one size does not fit all, but it feels empowering when you are confident with your shape through movement. Personally, I take a ‘whole life, whole body’ approach to my fitness and encourage my clients and followers to do the same by sweating each day and eating mostly clean. I try to share my own daily approach and inspire others through exercises and recipes on Instagam. Everybody needs a cheerleader, you know?

Have you faced any criticism for your body type or for the workout you created? If so, how do you handle that?

Sure, I’ve heard some things re: my body over the years. When you put yourself out there, you have to expect it. I love my body. It has gotten me very far. I have the perfect body type for cheer. I’m 5′, 108 lbs., curvy, naturally muscular and strong AF.
I prefer to look feminine and cheer has always celebrated that. My shape is always something that I’ve loved, not battled.
But really, it has always been more about my sport and my product (the workout) that I’ve created. Most people think that the workout won’t be tough and they are always really surprised.

While there are some men that are harsh on women for their body type, I find most of the judgement comes from women. Why do you think that is and how do you think we can we change it?

I think that there may be some sort of psychological root to it, but I’ve discovered that the more women compare their shape, size, or weight to others, the worse they feel about themselves.

Fitness is your job so you have the biggest motivation of all. But when you’re having an awful day and don’t want to work out, what do you tell yourself?

Never, never, never give up!

Here’s a little taste of what she does!

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