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Finding Plus Size Dresses to Flatter Your Figure

Plus size women face many challenges when it comes to daily dressing. From limited shopping options on the local level to a distinct lack of uniform sizing, to the fact that few models wearing their clothes in catalogs and online advertisements share your shape and size. Finding flattering plus size dresses for your figure can be a frustrating process. Our goal is to end your frustration by guiding you through the process to help you find plus size dresses that flatter your unique figure.


The cut of your dress is extremely important when it comes to flattering your figure. Just as all women aren’t shaped the same, neither are all plus-sized women. This means that you’ll need to do a little digging and investigating to find the cuts that flatter your figure best. For instance, women who have a curvier hourglass shape may prefer princess seams that emphasize their lines a little better and enhance their curves. Women who have oval, rectangular, or triangle shapes often find empire-cut dresses more flattering. These dresses draw in or gather just below the bust instead of at the waist to emphasize the upper body rather than the lower. One cut that is universally flattering for plus size women to consider is the A-line dress. However, this is a dress that requires sturdier fabrics than many other cuts.


Depending on the cut of your dress, the fabric is the next most important consideration in your search for a figure-flattering plus-size dress. Beyond the look and feel of fabric, there are other important considerations to keep in mind, such as how breathable the fabric happens to be (important for women who “run hot” and require breathability in their clothing options) and how well the fabric retains its shape. For example, linen is an excellent fabric choice for plus size women’s dresses as it is a structured fabric that hides various lumps and bumps while being exceptionally breathable. Spandex, on the other hand, might not be the best choice because, while amazingly comfortable, it clings to every curve, lump, and bump.


One thing we pay far too little attention to in a world of body positivity is the importance of fit. While it is certainly wonderful to embrace your body as it is, clothing is an investment, and you’ll feel better and look better in clothing that fits your frame. The problem is that most clothing is made for the “common denominator” and women are all beautifully unique. Look for clothing that not only fits in key areas, but also that doesn’t bunch, gap, or bulge in other areas. Use mirrors that show all sides when trying on new clothes and make sure your plus size dresses hang properly and evenly on all sides (unless you chose a dress that is meant to hang at different lengths like a high-low dress, handkerchief hem, or other such dress). When buying online, pay attention to measurements and measure yourself to make sure the dress is one you’re going to be comfortable wearing, even when it comes to the length from the shoulder.


The right prints can make or break your plus size dress. It’s important to choose prints that you’re comfortable wearing, in colors that are flattering for you, and that you find attractive. The bottom line is that if you feel that you’re wearing something pretty, you’ll feel even prettier while wearing it. One of the most important things about the print is that you choose accessories that complement the print on your plus size dress rather than competing with it.


Finally, make sure you choose women’s plus size dresses that are comfortable to wear. Whether you’re wearing your dress for a special occasion, date night, or a day at the office, you need to be comfortable in your dress for the duration. The fabric, cut, and fit of the dress can drastically impact how comfortable the dress is to wear. The print of the dress can affect your personal comfort in wearing the dress.

These are all important considerations that will help women of all shapes and sizes choose the right dress but can be critically important when you’re in the market for figure-flattering plus size dresses.

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