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Find The Perfect Cut For Your Face Shape

When executed correctly, well-styled tresses are the best accessories a woman can flaunt. Here are tips from Raphael Reboh from Femme Coiffure Salon in Miami on how the best cuts to flatter every face shape:


Square .¨ You want graduated layers close to the face. This softens the jawline. Also big
loose waves are perfect for this shape.


Round .¨ The short choppy pixie is AMAZING on this face shape! If you have medium length or long hair, I recommend layers and a long bang.
You need texture.


Oval .¨ TONS OF LAYERS .¨ the oval face shaped girl can pull this off more than anyone.
If your hair is straight and one length, the face will look significantly narrower.


Long .¨ also known as a rectangular face .¨ lots of layers open up your cheekbone area, which is flattering for this face shape.
I also like to avoid having hair too long because that can make the face look longer. A long side bang is also VERY flattering for this face shape!


Heart Shaped .¨ lots and lots of layers, especially around the face. A heavy side-swipe bang is also very flattering.


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Find The Perfect Cut For Your Face Shape

Find The Perfect Cut For Your Face Shape

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