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Finally, See Hollywood’s Greatest Black and White Movie Stars in Color!

An artist has brought early cinematic icons to life with vivid color!

If you are a fan of Old Hollywood, you might remember seeing images of your favorite movie legends. These iconic photos were all black and white. While there is something to be said for black and white photography being an art form itself, an artist has brought a breath of fresh air into these photos by recreating them in vivid color!

Matt Loughrey is a colorist who painstakingly worked on these images to give them new life.  These images include early Hollywood legends such as Louise Brooks who was famous for her flapper look and bobbed hair that was so stylish in the 1920s.


Also included is Chinese-American actress, Anna May Wong. Wong is considered to be one of the first Chinese-American actresses in U.S. cinema.



Evelyn Nesbit was a famous chorus girl at the turn of the century.


British actress, Vivien Leigh, known to most as Scarlett O’Hara in the epic, “Gone with the Wind” is pictured in her breathtaking youth.



And “America’s Sweetheart”, Mary Pickford, is pictured here in 1914 in glorious color.

mary pickford

And although some of these actresses lived into the time when color pictures were the norm, many were past their height of fame and beauty by then.  Actress Lillian Gish is pictured here in 1920 during the height of her beauty. And for the first time, she can be viewed at this time in color!

lilian gish

Arguably, one of the most glamourous and beautiful actresses of her time was Pola Negri.  Indeed, even Hitler was fascinated by her. She was one of the most famous actresses during the silent era and was the lover of Rudolph Valentino and Charlie Chaplin. She is pictured here in 1932 at the height of her fame.


And while most might remember Agnes Moorehead as Endora on “Bewitched”, many don’t realize she was also a star of radio, stage and screen. She appeared in the classic, “Citizen Kane” and is pictured here in 1942 almost unrecognizable to most.


A lesser known actress, but still mysteriously beautiful, was Ione Bright. She appeared mainly on Broadway, but appeared in the film “Mixed Nuts” in 1917. She is pictured here in 1912 in this hauntingly timeless image.


Frances Day was a successful stage performer and is pictured here in 1926. As she smiles casually towards the camera, it is as if we are looking through a time portal. All she would need to do is stand up and walk through the portrait to be with us. Loughrey’s coloring has a lot to do with this. By coloring these images, they are brought up to modern time as though these actresses are with us now even though some of these images are over 100 years old.


Loughrey said, “These are the chorus, cabaret, screen and stage icons of an era long gone, brought to life using technology and patience. I want people, especially the younger audience, to see history in a new light. It is arguable that colour engages the brain far better than monochrome while at the same time bringing the past closer to us.”

And indeed, although these actresses are long gone now, it appears that they are with us in the 21st Century thanks to the vision of Matt Loughrey!



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