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Feeling Sick? It Might Be Your Job

The stress from work might be making you physically sick.

Most of us work for someone else. And even if we don’t, we’re draining our time, mental energies and emotions in order to accomplish tasks for ourselves or others. This can be exhausting, and at times frustrating. As a result, this stress can build up and negatively impact our health, making us feel sick even when we don’t know why.

7 work-related anxiety triggers (and how to cope with them)


OMG, the daily commute. Dealing with a traffic jam each and every day can cause your stress levels to rise. One way to combat this stress is by using this time productively by listening to positive radio, podcasts, audio books, or music. If you commute on a train or bus, read a good book or get a head start on work with your iPad to make the best use of your time. This will help you feel less like those are wasted hours and instead will become a ritual you can look forward to.


Studies have shown that presenting in front of an audience is one of the top things that people fear. Hence, it causes a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. You can be the most outgoing person and still experience stress when you get up in front of a group of people. However, most of the stress comes from a fear of not being adequately prepared. If you prepare ahead of time, your stress levels will go down because you will feel ready. Also, take the time to rehearse at home so you will feel confident when you get up in front of that crowd or conference room.

Bad Bosses

Good bosses are the ones who inspire you to be as creative as possible and helps you be the best version of your professional self. However, many bosses base their power on fear. These are the bad bosses; in fact, they are energy drainers. They are quick to anger and threaten you and that can cause anxiety in the workplace. If you’re working for this kind of boss, it may be time to re-evaluate your position, ask to switch departments, or find a new job in a more positive environment. After all, life is short and your health is what really matters.


Traveling for work is stressful no matter what. You rush to catch a plane and deal with bad weather and crowds. The sheer number of people you come into contact with alone makes it easier to get sick. And all of this causes anxiety. Once again, preparation is key. When possible, suggest video conferencing those meetings rather than meeting face-to-face. This can help save precious time and money.


Just like in high school, work can have cliques. And some cliques are intent on bullying others. If this is the case, when you hear others behaving this way, leave the situation. It is best not to get involved with gossip, bullying, and rivalries that you have nothing to do with.

Meeting Your Quota

The fear of not meeting a monthly quota or earning a commission can cause added anxiety. This is because quotas and commission are things you don’t necessarily have control over. Acknowledge daily accomplishments and reward yourself. Also, by setting your target for meeting a quota higher, it may actually help by having you exceed your normal expectations.


We all get frustrated at times by technology. After all, nothing is ever foolproof. So when your computer crashes, your phone is frozen, or the vending machine in the break room eats your change, you can get angry and agitated. Before you go crazy and throw your phone out the window, stop and take a breath. By re-centering your energies, you can take the few seconds or minutes it will take to calm down before you make a rash decision.



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