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Your Favorite Pet Gifts for the Holidays

You want to do right by your furry friend this holiday season and sometimes that’s not always easy. We know how hard it can be to find something your pet likes. Pets can be picky. I can’t tell you how many times I have brought home a new toy for my dog and she sniffs it and walks away in disgust. Well, that was a waste of money, wasn’t it? There are a few ways around this for the holidays, and it’s not too difficult. Give the gift of love that keeps your pet protected by purchasing pet insurance from Bivvy. If you have any questions about pet insurance, take a look here. Below are more options that your pet will love; some are for cats, some are for dogs, and some will work for both.

The Puzzle Bone

This is a really cool toy that you can get on Amazon or a number of other websites and it’s not an edible bone. Actually it’s more of a toy that can be filled with food, and your dog will need to complete several puzzles to get to said food. Some of the puzzles involve moving sliders while others involve working gears. Depending upon the complexity, the puzzles will run anywhere from $9 to $20.

Toy Stocking

Something we mentioned earlier was that finding a treat your dog will actually like is sometimes very difficult, but you don’t have to worry too much if you get a toy stocking. These can be obtained for dogs or cats, and they contain samplings of chew toys, balls, and even tug rope. Your pet is bound to find something they like in these, even if it’s only one thing.


Not every dog has long fur to keep it warm during the winter and you can compensate by looking into various jackets and coats made specifically for your furry friend! It’s a great way to keep them protected during the cold weather and a great way to make sure they keep up with the latest styles .¨ just make sure to use cruelty free brands!


Okay normally you want to save the costumes for Halloween, but if you have a dog or a cat there is SO much fun that can be had. You can dress your dog up as a reindeer or you might want to put a Santa hat on your cat. These are cheap costumes that can be bought online or in stores .¨ totally up to you, just make sure you get them in time for the holidays.

Dog Bed

Your dog or cat can always use a new bed around the house; they might already have one, but the more places they have to sleep, the happier they’re going to be. Add one under the endtable in the living room, at the end of your bed, under your desk, there are so many different spots to drop them and your dog will thank you for it.

Cat Tree

For that special cat in your life you can always strategically place another tree around the house. It’s fun, it’s easy, and your cat will thank you for it. For bonus points, try looking into multi-level cat trees with different activities one each level. Your cat is going to love you, and maybe your dog, if he or she is adventurous.

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