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Fatty Foods that Can Improve Your Health

Some of you may avoid eating fatty foods for various reasons. First, these products are high in calories. Furthermore, some types of fats, like trans-fat, are linked to several ailments. However, your body needs these substances to function effectively. For example, consuming oily products along with your veggies will aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Thus, you also need the right kind of high-fat products in your diet. So, here are some fatty foods that can improve your health.


Unlike most fruits, avocados have high amounts of fats. However, the fruit’s fat contents are good for your health, especially when taken in moderation. Basically, the monounsaturated fats in avocado have anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent several ailments. Aside from that, this fleshy fruit has fiber, which aids in lowering bad cholesterol levels. Thus, avocado is good for your heart’s health, unlike a lot of fatty foods. However, you have to limit your consumption of avocado because it still has a ton of calories.


Olive oil is one of the most popular fatty foods that can improve your health. In fact, this product is a staple in several healthy diet plans, like the Mediterranean diet. The main reason is due to the numerous benefits the oil provides. First, olive oil is an excellent anti-inflammatory food you can add to your diet. This fatty product is also rich in potent antioxidants that can prevent the negative effects of the free radicals, such as premature aging. Lastly, olive oil also promotes a healthy heart and brain. However, when buying this cooking oil, you have to choose the extra virgin variety.


If you’re looking for a food that can satisfy your craving for sweets, you can opt for a dark chocolate. Basically, this healthful treat can offer various essential nutrients, such as iron, magnesium, and antioxidants. Moreover, dark chocolate is also popular for its mood-boosting capabilities. But, you have to pick products that contain at least 70% cocoa. Checking the ingredient list is also vital, especially if you prefer a vegan or plant-based diet.


Another popular cooking oil in this list of fatty foods that can improve your health is coconut oil. Basically, this product contains saturated fats, the type of fat that you want to avoid. However, some of the fatty acids in coconut oil have a different effect. For example, some of the fats in coconut oil can raise your good cholesterol levels and boost your metabolism. One downside is coconut oil’s strong flavor that may overpower the taste of your dishes. Furthermore, experts recommend choosing the extra virgin variety to reap the utmost benefits. Furthermore, you should only consume small amounts of this oil because it still contains saturated fats, which may harm your health.


As a good source of protein, nuts have become a popular post-workout snack. Aside from that, nuts are also excellent sources of healthy fats specifically omega-3 fatty acids, which is beneficial for your heart and brain. Thus, adding these products to your diet can greatly benefit your health, especially if you prefer a vegan or plant-based diet. The best nuts you can eat are almonds, cashews, pistachios, and macadamia nuts. Opting for nut butter is also a great option you can try to get the nutrients in nuts. However, these products are high in calories. Thus, you have to limit your consumption to a handful or a tablespoon.


The last in this list of fatty foods that can improve your health is edible seeds, like chia and flaxseed. Although small in structure, these plant-based products are a powerhouse of nutrients. Chia seed, for example, is an excellent source of calcium, iron, protein, and omega-3. So, you’re getting a ton of healthful substances in just one spoon of these tiny foods. The best part is that you can add edible seeds in various recipes, such as salads, smoothies, and energy bars.

In general, some people think that products rich in fats are harmful to your health. But, there are also some fatty foods that can improve your health. In fact, healthy fats are necessary for the proper functioning of your body.


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