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Fashion Trends for this Holiday Season to Keep an Eye Out for

The year 2020 was on the one end terrifying and the other disappointing. You were at first worried about you and your loved ones getting sick, and after a while, disappointed that you couldn’t go out and enjoy the things you used to do. You spent your days staying home with barely any motivation to do something, let alone get dressed in cute outfits. It almost reached a point where the only people who changed out of their pyjamas were content creators, teachers or those who took part in official meetings over video calls. The clothes that you purchased at the beginning of the year sat in your wardrobe missing out on all the concerts, parties, festivals and brunches with your best friends. 

Towards the end of 2020, people started displaying much more enthusiasm about going outside while following safety precautions. This meant that no matter the outfit you chose, a mask covering the lower half of your face was a must. 2020 is coming to an end, and Christmas and New Year’s do not look all that merry this year. You might have made plans to get together with a few friends, visit your family or stay home with a glass of wine. No matter your plans, here are a few fashion trends you could consider incorporating in your wardrobe this holiday season.


Several companies have already made efforts to bring back their employees to the office space. If you feel like switching up your formal wear, why not give skirt suits a chance? These extremely feminine silhouettes complete with A-line skirts of varying lengths are sure to make you look good while not diminishing your authority. The warm monochromatic material used also give these outfits an undeniably vintage charm. You can always accessorize with a belt cinched at your waist and statement heels of a different colour.

Maxi dresses and skirts

If you plan on being comfortable on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, maxi skirts and dresses can be a great option. If you are concerned about the health risks involved in visiting a casino, you might make plans to stay home and play at your favourite online casinos like the ones listed in Staying home should not discourage you from putting on cute outfits and looking good. Even if the only other person in the house is your significant other, you can throw on your favourite maxi dress and feel good about how great you like while gambling online.

Maxi dresses are a great choice even if you plan on spending the evening with your family and friends. They provide you with utmost comfort so that you wouldn’t constantly be adjusting your outfit while eating your favourite pie.

What’s even better is that accessorizing becomes incredibly easy while wearing maxi dresses since the dress on its own is an eye-grabbing statement piece.

Knitted Dresses

Knitted dresses can be an absolute winner if you are looking for something warm and cute to wear while working remotely. These ankle-length dresses feel like a throwback to the 60s and are sure to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the day. You will no longer have to worry about a quick outfit change right before a client meeting.


Everybody loves a touch of the dramatic in their lives. But most people are afraid that they might go overboard and look ridiculous. Do not worry; get yourself a cape dress. Cape dresses will surely make you stand out at any socializing event without making your look like a Disney villain. They often come with collars, gorgeous necklines, and muted patterns and can double as your workwear. Cape dresses require minimal accessories to make you look good, so if you are in a hurry, put on your cape dress and your favourite heels.

Clothing that covers your face

People who used to make sure that every piece of their outfits was coordinated are today searching for the right facemasks to complete their outfits. While many sellers today provide face masks made from the same material as the outfit you are purchasing, designers have been coming up with innovative designs to include face covering as a part of the outfit.

A while ago, Pretty Little Thing came up with a black bodycon dress with a turtle neck that could be pulled up to cover your nose and mouth. It became pretty popular on social media with influencers purchasing and reviewing this dress, but it is debatable whether ordinary people accepted it as an outfit they would wear.

Puffy Sleeves

A gorgeous sleeve can always improve your outfit. Whether you are wearing, jeans, a mini skirt with tights or a maxi skirt, a puffy-sleeved top can instantly transform the way you look. These tops can also be used on various occasions from drinks with your friends to a holiday party.

Summing up

The winter fashion of 2020 has been heavily affected by the pandemic that is raging on in the world. Despite that, take this as an opportunity for you to try out new trends and discover new favourites.

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