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Fall Sweaters: How to Choose Your Perfect Fit

It’s not called sweater weather for nothing. Fall is the season for getting all cozied up and wrapping yourself up in your favorite sweater. As the season before boyfriend-season (winter, we all get the struggle) it’s the time where you can showcase your favorite sweaters without having to drown them in layers upon layers of coats and scarves. With showcasing sweaters comes the struggle of finding the right one! There’s a very fine line between flattering and drowning your figure when it comes to sweaters. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on the perfect sweater for your body type. Really, we love them all so much we’re probably going to wear them all anyway!


As one of the most sought after body shapes today, you’re blessed with perfect proportions; congratulations! When it comes to picking out your perfect sweater you want to find one that emphasizes and shows off your beautiful figure rather than leaving you looking stumpy.


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You should pick a sweater than cinches in at your waist to really show off the dimension to your hourglass shape. Something that emphasizes your waist can also emphasize your wider hips and really flatter your figure!


Pear shaped body types are lucky to have gorgeous wide hips. The struggle comes in trying to create some curves on the top to balance your hips out and avoid looking dis-proportioned.


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Drawing the attention away from your hips is the best way to achieve this. Wear a sweater that’s off-shoulder to really let your shoulders pop and add some shape and dimension to the top part of your torso. Some frills or layers around your chest can also add shape!


You’re lucky enough to be full all around and have a rounder shape, but sometimes you’re looking for something to slim you down. You want something to cover up your midriff and really draw the attention to your upper body.


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With a rounder shape you’re likely to get wider around your waist and hips, so draw attention to your shoulders and chest. Go for something loose fitting around your midriff and allow the flowyness to create an illusion!

Long Torso

With a long torso, it’s harder to pull off something short or cropped. What you need is something to break up your shape and create some movement elsewhere.


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Bell sleeves are perfect for you! They add some dimension to your look and draw the attention away from the length of your torso!


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