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Face Shapes: How To Figure Out Yours

You’ve heard of heart, oval, square, and so on, but how do you figure out which face shape YOU have?

We’re constantly reminded of how important it is. It’s such a defining factor in our daily decisions, whether in regards to makeup choices or even which sunglasses to rock. We’re talking about face shapes! We’re always told what steps and methods work best for different face shapes. All of the types are engrained in all of our minds like card suits: heart shaped, diamond, square, or round, the list goes on. Magazines are telling us how differently makeup should work on different face shapes, but no one is really telling us how to even begin to figure out which face shape category we fall into! Well, no more. We’re here to give you a go-to guide on how to figure out your face shape so that you can finally put all that advice to work.

Find a Mirror

face shapes

Realistically, we all spend way too much time staring at our reflections anyway, so we might as well do something productive with that time. Instead of counting your pores or picking at that new breakout (step away from the tweezers!), grab something like a lipstick or a soap bar that you don’t mind washing off of your mirror later.

Coloring for Adults

face shapes

Get up close and personal and stand head on to your mirror. Then very carefully trace your face’s reflection on the mirror (leave the ears out!). Make sure to be very precise and remain very still during this. You want to get as accurate of a shape as possible.

Evaluate Your Artwork

Step back, and take a look at the shape you’ve drawn. It’s hard to really see a defined shape
just by staring at your reflection in the mirror. That is why this method is going to help you break your face down into a normal, 2D shape. Throw it back to preschool and figure out which one it is!

Focus on points where your face is the widest and how long it is. Take a look at the shape of your jaw and how defined it is. Once you’ve really given it an in-depth analysis, you’ll find it a lot easier to figure out which category you fall into.

Your Options

Face shapes

Now that you have a tangible shape to refer to, take a look at this face shape guide and hold it up to your drawing. Take it one shape at a time. You can now try to figure out which looks most similar to the drawing you’ve just created.

There you have it. Now you can finally track down all those articles and actually put them to use. You have a shape!




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