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Experience the Magical Islands of French Polynesia

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Guest Contributor: Nicole Noel

French Polynesia is blessed with a balmy tropical climate. This means that you cannot go wrong visiting any time of year. Just like anywhere else with tropical climate, short showers are possible throughout the year, but you have the least chance experiencing them from May to October. Besides considering weather, note that there are many festivals that occur in July and August, making Tahiti more crowded. On the other hand, tourism on the more remote islands of French Polynesia peak during August, because the locals go there on vacation. Like recommend with all of your travel accommodations, always try to book in advance.

The Main Island: Tahiti

This is where you can find the biggest airport and the capital of French Polynesia – Papeete. Once you reach Tahiti, your first impulse will be to run to the beach. The most famous beaches on this island are La Plage de Maui and Punaauia Beach. Maui is about 40 miles away from the capital and it offers shallow waters and powdery, white sand. Going from this beach toward Papeete, you will reach Punaauia with its stunning, dark sand. When you reach this beach, it means that your next stop is Papeete.

The La Marche market will let you experience more of the everyday life of the people of Tahiti. There you can try their delicious food or buy artisan souvenirs. If you are in the mood for hiking, find somebody to show you the glorious Fautaua Waterfall.

Experience the Magical Islands of French Polynesia-viva glam magazine-Tahiti
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