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Experience the Healing Powers of Katie Manzella

I had the opportunity to experience the miraculous powers of crystal alchemist, Reiki healer and clairvoyant, Katie Manzella. Katie assists her clients in mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing by calling upon cosmic and angelic guidance. She acts as a conduit of light and calls upon positive universal powers to clear and harmonize the chakras, stimulate the senses and restore balance.

You may be wondering what exactly is crystal healing and Reiki? Katie uses crystals for holistic healing by harnessing the power of minerals to alter our consciousness. Crystals hold powerful vibrations having been in the earth’s electromagnetic field for centuries. Crystals can heal us on many levels by allowing us to release negativity.

Katie also incorporates Reiki, a healing process that transfers positive energy through the palms of her hands. This Japanese technique is used in stress reduction and healing. Katie uses crystals, Reiki, breath work, meditation, sacred ceremonies and light work to awaken and activate wisdom within.

Upon meeting Katie for the first time, I was welcomed by her energy and soothing and calm voice. I was immediately at peace as she put crystals around my body and cleansed me from negative energy and emotional blocks I might have. My body instantly melted into the bed I was laying on and I felt the energy of her hands pushing out all of the negativity. I would never think that in the center of Hollywood, perhaps the craziest city, you could ever feel so peaceful.

After my hour long session, I had a busy day ahead of me. Katie said she would not take all of the energy out of me so I would still have energy for the day. Usually, a session with Katie will make you feel extremely calm. But this time, she left me with energy for the remainder of my work schedule and I was amazed at how I felt all day long. Not only did I get through my day, at the end, I didn’t even feel tired!

In addition to crystal healing and Reiki, Katie’s work space also offers infrared sauna, massage, acupuncture, vitamin injections, IV therapy and non-evasive cosmetic treatments.

To book a session with Katie, call 310-956-2307 or email [email protected].

Sweatheory is located at
1503 North Cahuenga Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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