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“Ewe” Will Just Love Gabriela Hearst’s “Ram-Ovaries” Sweater!

Ram Ovaries sweater will help draw attention to Planned Parenthood and women’s rights.

The Trump administration has put the future of Planned Parenthood into question. In fact, the House GOP just signed a bill that makes rape, postpartum depression, Cesarean sections, and domestic violence “pre-existing” conditions. And even though Planned Parenthood just celebrated its 100th anniversary last week, it needs all of the help it can get from those who support women’s rights.

Gabriela Hearst is one such supporter who is standing behind Planned Parenthood. She created a sweater that combines a ram’s head and a woman’s ovaries. She realized that a ram’s head looks similar to the female reproductive system and said, “I liked that they’re both symbols of strength.” So after coming up with the concept, she sketched the design and her husband did the coloring.

Incidentally, she originally created this sweater to enter into the International Woolmark Prize competition. And of course, she won!

Hearst said, “Planned Parenthood right now needs all the help it can get and all the attention it can get. For me, it’s not only about my body, my choice, it’s about our overall health. They take care of our cancer screenings. They take care of so many things. And when the government is making a direct attack on women’s health. First of all, it’s appalling. And we have to do something.”

And she is indeed doing something about it. The ram’s head ovary sweater made of merino wool is priced at $699.00 – $500.00 will go directly to Planned Parenthood. How many are being made? 100! So that’s $50,000.00 that will go to the organization!

What is this innovative designer creating next? She is creating a dress for Cecile Richards who is Planned Parenthood’s president. Richards will wear this design to the CFDA Awards next month where she will be honored alongside Gloria Steinem and Janelle Monae!



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