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Everything You Need to Throw a Killer Party

Getting dressed up, gathering the gang, and heading out into the city for a big blowout night is always fun – but it’s also pretty expensive, and it’s nice to mix it up sometimes. A great alternative to clubbing is to throw your own private party. This (of course) comes with its advantages and disadvantages, but ensuring that you’ve got everything that we’ve listed in our private party essential list below takes you a whole lot closer to throwing the perfect event.

The Location

First of all, you need to sort out a venue – good luck throwing a party without one. If you happen to live in a seaside mansion, your place should be more than adequate. If you don’t fancy the prospect of trashing your house though, perhaps opting for a rented venue might be a better option. There’s nothing quite like a classic house party though, it must be said.

A Sound System

Once the location is sorted, you’ll need an epic sound system to blast your selection of tunes. The sound is perhaps the most important feature of the night, so it’s imperative to nail this one. No one wants to turn up to a party where the host is playing music out of their phone speaker, and no one wants to leave the party with blood trickling from their eardrums, so finding a good balance is key here.

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For a proper private party, your average streaming service won’t cut it: you’re gonna need a mic and a controller. If you’re new to DJing (or are asking a friend who’s new to the art), then choosing a good controller could be the difference between a blow-out party and a flop. You’ll need one that can connect to your mobile or computer. There is a plethora of high-quality DJ controllers out there, and the widely praised Pioneer DDJ-200 is recommended as a good starting place for beginners.

The Cherry on Top

Getting your hands on a decent microphone to interact with the party is a sure way to really get the party underway, so find a piece that is compatible with your device and controller and get MCing. While that sorts the sound, your event should also be a visual spectacle, meaning that investing in a cool light display could be well worth it. A classic disco ball, a modern laser system, or even some vibrant LEDs can add the finishing touch to your party’s aesthetic.

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The Rest

If you’ve got a good location, sound system, and lights sorted, the crux of your party is in place. Anything beyond these three pillars will simply be additional features to make your party even more memorable. Of course, these are just the basic requirements for a good party – there is no limit on the amount of prep you can do.

Advertising your party using social media could be a great way to get the word out to the right people, utilizing your network of connections to bring together a great bunch of people. Be careful, though: advertising your party online can quickly turn from a well-populated party to a Project X-type disaster. Find the right balance and get the party underway!

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