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Why Everyone Should Follow Self-Love Bloggers on Instagram

It’s normal to feel drained by your social media feed sometimes. “Digital anxieties” are on the rise thanks to the rapid growth of social media platforms over the last couple of years. Not the mention, you lose a lot of sleep by scrolling endlessly through your Instagram feed.

But ditching your social media accounts forever is easier said than done. Thankfully, like many things in life, the role of social media in your life is really what you make of it. You can take things a step further and tailor your feed to suit your needs.

Stop following Instagram accounts that don’t make you feel your best self. Instead, replace them with ones that inject some positivity and happiness into your day. These self-love bloggers on Instagram will help you gain perspective and the motivation to be the best version of yourself.

Iridescent Scarab

Erin Ashley, or Iridescent Scarab as she’s popularly known, is a mental health and self-love blogger who also shares her killer sense of style. Erin has a background in theatre and dance, which make her a natural on camera. But her blog isn’t just about glossy images and style tips. She keeps things real by talking openly about her struggles with anxiety and self-worth. Erin is the blogger to follow for your daily fix of positivity. She also just launched her YouTube channel so make sure to subscribe!


Milly struggles with mental illness. She used to be borderline suicidal and still struggles with depression. Now she posts pictures encouraging women to embrace their natural figure, sexuality, and motherhood no matter how your brain or body works.

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BRACE YOURSELVES. DIET CULTURE JANUARY IS COMING. Top from my new shop @selfloveclubbshop 💛😌(go get it, 1/3 of profits are going to Ed charities) ~ Brace yourself for the shit storm of LIES coming your way this new year. 🖕🏻You’ll be happier when you lose 10lbs 🖕🏻You’ll get a boyfriend once you squatted 10,000 times daily 🖕🏻You’ll be free from any body hang ups with just eating chemically protein powder and nothing else for 3 weeks. NO!NO!NO! NOOOOOO. ~ The thing is Mr Diet Culture… we’re stronger than you this year. We know our worth isn’t defined by our dress size, we don’t need to feel guilt for eating enough food this month to sink a ship, we are PERFECT as we are and won’t spend another penny on your life-ruining shit. ~ I take a light hearted approach to this quite often to engage and help people but in reality… diet culture fucking kills. It makes us miserable. It takes away happiness, free time and hard earned money. It fills us with guilt for living life. It makes us insecure and hateful towards ourselves and others. It can encourage eating disorders. It can kill. Say FUCK YOU to diet culture this year and DO NOT take part in it. DO NOT let it in. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. Diet culture can’t hurt you, don’t let it in.

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Way of Gray

Sophie Gray used to be a fitness blogger, but transitioned to a self-love blogger at the end of 2016. She is open about her struggle with body image issues and admits that she was working out for all the wrong reasons. Sophie now has a much healthier attitude to health and fitness and has become a bonafide lifestyle brand. In addition to creating workout programs, she inspires her followers with her own personal approach to self-love and organizes local self-love workshops for women in Edmonton.

With countless models, perfectly-toned pastry chefs, and actors to follow on Instagram, sometimes we need a dose of reality. Following self-love bloggers can really help you with your perspective on life and allow you to see real-life photos without a filter.


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