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Everyday Jewelry Trends to Watch Out For

Bright, bold, and whimsical—these words capture the zeitgeist of the jewelry scene, one that is more personal, expressive, and communicative than ever before. As stated by designer, Brent Neale, fashionistas are demanding colorful statement pieces that totally transform the look and feel of everyday outfits. It makes sense that shoppers should be more willing to spend on uplifting jewelry. The pandemic kept everyone indoors for a little too long, and the result is a profound intent to make the most of life—and let your fashion and jewelry make a personal statement. Below are just a few trends to embrace if you want to rock your street style. 

Larger-Than-Life Earrings

Imagine a simple, boldly hued monochromatic dress, graced with the brightest coral lipstick you could find and huge dangling earrings. It’s all about turning heads through jewelry pieces that don’t cost the earth while being impossible to turn your head away from. Popular designs include multi-strand dangling earrings,chic double-drop styles, and multicolored hoops bearing nature-inspired imagery (think leaves, flowers, and even fruits). 

Personalized Jewelry

The list of celebrities who sport gold name necklaces proudly is endless. It includes Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez, and Bella Hadid. Name jewelry has come a long way over the past couple of decades. Today’s styles can be ordered in a myriad of fonts, textures, and styles. Hip-hop name pendants with over 100 tiny diamonds are in big demand, as are monogram necklaces with more than one initial. 

Metallic Cuffs

The bright, lively 80s are back—at least when it comes to colors, and cuff bracelets are a brilliant way to add a noticeable amount of color to your look. For inspiration, check out Hermès’ Collier de Chien Cuff Bracelet, made in aluminum. Metallic materials add a unique brilliance to this bracelet style, which is more typically found in materials like ceramic and glass. 

Colorful Gemstones

Spring is just around the corner and when it comes to jewelry, that means that color will soon be taking on a whole new importance in everyday looks. Colored gemstones have been making their presence felt in high-end and fashion jewelry pieces a like, so whatever your budget is, make sure to add a couple of lively pieces to your collection. Green onyx, turquoise, and pink quartz are just a few materials that bridge the gap between luxury and fashion pieces. Opt for pieces set in yellow gold, which is without doubt the dominant metal of the year. 

Baroque Pearl Jewelry

Pearls haven’t been this in since the 80s. Trendy designers are adding unique Baroque pearls toe everything from yellow gold hoop earrings to paperclip chain necklaces, beaded chokers, and delicate necklaces. This season, it’s all about asymmetrical and flat, elongated pearls. It is, after all, the year for self-expression and that means shunning perfectionism in favor of authenticity. 

Jewelry Antique Filigree tear drop earrings by Glamarella, model Alina Puscau, VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE
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VIVA GLAM supermodel Alina Puscau

Everyday jewelery can jazz up an outfit and communicate your personality and sense of style with others. This spring, spice up your wardrobe with a few trending pieces. Statement earrings, name jewelry, XXL cuffs, and pearl jewelry pieces are the way to go when it comes to standing out while also keeping up with the hottest Big Four Fashion Week looks.

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