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Evanescence’s New Album ‘Synthesis’: Amy Lee is a Goddess

Evanescence is BACK!

One of the world’s favorite alternative metal bands is back with a killer new album, just in time for the holidays! Evanescence, the band who struck it big with songs like “Bring Me to Life” and “My Immortal” off their album “Fallen”, are now infusing more synth and electronic sounds into their new album “Synthesis”, out today.

“Synthesis” is Evanescence’s first album since 2011. Fun fact: the band has had a different lineup on every album as members have come and gone over the last 22 years. The only remaining founding member is Amy Lee, the glorious frontwoman of the group.

Amy Lee at Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh

Evanescence is currently on a world tour, with another month of shows in the U.S. and Canada before heading off to Europe and Australia. We had the opportunity to see them in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the enchanting and magnificent Heinz Hall.

Before their set, an orchestra comprised of local musicians played an opening medley of classical and film favorites. Excerpts of everything from Beethoven to “The Nightmare Before Christmas” was performed.

Amy Lee took the stage in a voluminous, emerald green dress. Her iconic long black hair and smokey eye makeup was envied by every women in the theatre. Competing screams of “I love you, Amy” and “I love you more” filled the short silences in between songs.

Amy Lee at Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh

Lee switched from the microphone to the piano with such grace; even the orchestra behind her was in awe. Her voice never quivered, her voice as strong as her public presence. She was a musical goddess in the audience’s eyes.

The theatre went silent for her incredible performance of “My Immortal”; her emotional attachment to the track was still very present and had everyone fighting back tears. But when they weren’t in awe of her sheer presence, they were all loving the new tracks off “Synthesis”.

Fans of Evanescence will be pleased with this new direction as it shows evolution and maturity without straying from their original sound.

“Synthesis” is now available in stores and online retailers.



Watch the video for their new single, “Imperfection”!




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