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Essential Pieces For Your Winter Wardrobe

West coast to East coast and everywhere in-between- the whole US has finally entered into the chilly season. You may live in the tropics or in a place where the snow never ends, either way these trends will keep up with your lifestyle.

DIY is In

The essential pieces for your wardrobe are completely based on your style, however you can take the following “essential pieces” trends and make them your own. D.I.Y. and revamping clothing is trending, as the fashion industry is getting into a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle. Zero waste is coming to fruition, while society is adapting this approach, the fashion industry is starting to catch on. The “ethical” fashion industry is quickly growing in a more aware way to adapt fashion into its idea of not harming the planet.

Flannel is Forever In

Flannel is no longer a fad or a trend, it is forever in. Flannel is constantly being used, whether it’s to tie around the waste, for skirts, or to keep you warm; it is a must-have for your winter wardrobe. This essential should be mixed up when you can. Get fancy with your flannel! Choose pieces that have fringe cap sleeves added to the traditional long sleeved flannel look. Take a few flannels and revamp them to fit your style this winter.

Felt Hats are In

Felt hats are here to stay and for a good reason. These accessories are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe essentials. They not only keep your head warm but also add an element to your wardrobe to make it complete. From your shoes to your bag, the eyes go up and usually end looking at your face and head. The last thing to see while making a statement with your outfit is your hair or hat. Felt hats are a quick fix for a bad hair day, while adding a textured piece to your outfit. If you have a fairly basic wardrobe focused on a few pieces that can be used in many different ways to create different outfits, an accessory like a felt hat will help to change up your outfits . Most capsule wardrobes support these limited and basic pieces, which is why adding texture and color with accessories keeps your wardrobe up to date, trendy, and still allows a minimalist approach.

Peasant Tops are Always In

That flared peasant top that no one thought would make it’s way back to being an essential piece in your winter wardrobe… it’s made it’s way back. In my book, peasant tops are always in. The peasant top isn’t always the most flattering look, so it should be worn in a proper way to help you accentuate your assets. It should look crisp and clean with colors such as white, maroon, or black. All of these colors leave a clean look, and the outfit remains stylish. Make sure the flared sleeved is one that works well for you; not everyone can pull off a large flared sleeved, so be mindful of how the top looks.

Vintage Bags are In

With second-hand items on the rise, why not just make your luggage or accessories have a vintage feel? There are many ways to making your bags look vintage, and they will never go out of fashion. Shop at your local second-hand store, reuse a friend’s or relative’s bag, or go hunting at a garage sale. If you have a “pleather-like” bag you can use chains to make indents into the bag to give it a used, and older feel. If you want that seventies feel. Add stickers that have meaning to you. Personalized accessories keep your wardrobe fun, and unique.

Now that you are prepared for the winter, go explore your local second-hand shop or shop your wardrobe. Remember you can always swap clothing and accessories with friends to keep each others’ wardrobe fresh. Make sure to support your local second-hand shops to keep the community alive, and support reusing and recycling clothing within the fashion industry.


How to Shop Vintage for a Glamorous Wardrobe

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