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Erica Cerra Talks ‘The 100’, ‘Eureka’ fans, and Style

Sci-fi fans know this next interviewee as Jo from
Eureka. Now you can see her playing Alie on The CW’s fan-favorite show,
The 100, which is now in its third season.

The 100 tells the story of a time 97 years after a devastating nuclear war that wipes out almost all of the life on Earth. The only known survivors lived on 12 space stations that were in Earth’s orbit prior to the war. The space stations banded together to form a single space station called “The Ark” where it held the 2,400 remaining people under the leadership of Chancellor Jaha. As resources grow scarce and the life support systems start to fail, 100 juvenile prisoners, who are considered to be expendable, are sent to Earth to determine whether it is habitable.

Make sure to catch
The 100 every Thursday on The CW. For now, find out more about what Erica Cerra tells us about her role of Alie on
The 100, her loyal fans from her days on
Eureka, and what red carpet makeup trend she’s currently loving and using in her everyday life!

About The 100

What do you love about the show and your character Alie in particular?

The 100 is so unpredictable, which makes for great entertainment. Alie is a unlike any character I’ve ever played. She was a pleasant challenge.


What can we expect to see this season on The 100?

Chaos, death, and great storytelling!


You’re no stranger to sci-fi and drama. Are they your preferred genres or do you find that you just end up being chosen for these roles?

Both! I enjoy the world of imagination.


Eureka was such a fan favorite show. How did playing “Jo Lupo” on Eureka change your life? Have those fans followed you to The 100?

Jo was a great character. Women felt inspired by her strengths; she inspired my strength. I learned a lot over those years about myself as a woman and a performer.
I’m lucky I have such loyal fans!




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