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Enjoy Your Existence With These Cool Heel Trends

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If there was one fashion trend that could be used to predict how people feel about getting dressed, it would be heel trends. Footwear, like many other aspects of our life this year, was analyzed and, finally, cut out. Pairs that had been borderline unpleasant or unused for months were relegated to the closet or discarded in favor of house shoes and easy-to-slip-on flats for when we went out.

This time, we’ve gathered the best and wildest heel styles we could discover to help you through winter marriages, breakfasts, parties, meals, work, traveling, and simply teetering around. The issue is, how many of them are you brave enough to pursue?

There is an unbelievable amount of inventiveness being pushed via footwear, yet classics are as vital now as they were then. In fact, it would be an excellent time to go through Grandma’s old shoeboxes full of hippy levels and pointed-toe heels. Read on below for the coolest heel trends.

Enjoy Your Existence With These Cool Heel Trends 3
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Photo By @a1izey/Instagram

The curved heel is an unusual style, to put it mildly, and it would make anyone wonder how comfortable it is on a scale of one to ten. However, the common belief is that they are as pleasant as any plain heel, and the shape, whether convex or concave, has little effect on the structural physics at work.

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