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Enjoy a Chic and Glamorous Getaway at the Parker Palm Springs

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Palm Springs is known to be one of Hollywood’s favorite getaways. It’s only 100 miles from the city but its culture is half as fast and every place is half as loud. Everyone from young families to established actors can find their niche in this town with the choice of everything from kid-friendly properties to ones that focus on seclusion. In our case, take a mixture of the two, add in a dash of Jonathan Adler-designer interiors, and you have the absolutely stunning and glamorous Parker Palm Springs.
Here are the things we loved the most about the Parker Palm Springs.



We had plenty of room to relax and were provided a bookshelf for poolside reading. As we had a private entrance into the pool area, we were able to utilize them quite often. The bathroom was adorned in pink marble while the main bedroom took on a color palette of white, orange, and light brown woods.



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