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Engagement Ring Ideas that are Cheap Yet Still Beautiful

An engagement ring is a monumental gift that symbolizes love, dedication, and commitment. Unfortunately, traditional diamond rings are quite expensive. Even so, there are other alternatives you can choose that are less pricey. To give you a better view, here are some engagement ring ideas that are cheap yet beautiful.

1. Opt for a Lab-Created Diamond

An engagement ring with a lab-created diamond is a great alternative to diamond rings. This type of diamond is man-made, and it mirrors the appearance and qualities of naturally-mined diamonds. The difference between the two is that lab-created diamonds are less expensive. To be specific, they cost about 50% less than naturally-mined diamonds.

2. Go for Diamond Alternatives

If you are searching for engagement ideas that are cheap yet beautiful, you choose diamond alternatives. Here are some examples of diamond look-a-likes you can pick:

Moissanite – This gemstone has a similar appearance to naturally-mined diamonds. However, it is shinier and less expensive. Aside from that, diamonds have a clearer color than moissanite. So, if color is not a vital factor, you can opt for this beautiful gemstone.

Cubic Zirconia – This crystal is the least expensive alternative to diamonds. To the naked eye, cubic zirconia looks like a diamond. However, it weighs less, and it is prone to scratches.

White Sapphire – This gemstone is colorless, making it a great alternative to a diamond. Plus, it is less expensive. However, it lacks the hardness and brilliance of diamonds

3. Pick a Gemstone

Another unique and affordable engagement ring idea is to opt for a gemstone instead of a diamond. There are a lot of gemstones you can pick, including emerald, ruby, and sapphire. Another excellent option is to pick the birthstone of your soon-to-be-bride. Remember, gemstones have symbolic meanings that can make your engagement ring more special.

4. Consider a Gem-Free Ring

Always remember that an engagement ring doesn’t have to include a gemstone. In fact, a gem-free ring is an excellent option for brides who want a minimalist ring that they can wear every day. Plus, various designs are available, so you can pick a design that matches your special someone’s style and preferences.

Final Thoughts

All in all, these are some engagement ring ideas that are cheap yet beautiful. Always remember that love is not measured by the price of the ring. Your special someone will most-likely still say “yes” even if you present her a budget-friendly ring, as long as the ring comes with a meaningful and heartwarming message.


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