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Elle Woods is Back! 6 Reasons Why She’s The Perfect Heroine for Us in 2018

The pink and empowered world of Elle Woods is set to return to the big screen way sooner than we imagined. MGM studios just greenlighted a third film about Reese Witherspoon‘s iconic heroine for “Legally Blonde 3”.

It was reported that the project would also involve the creative team of the first film, headed by Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith and Karen McCullah, who adapted the novel by Amanda Brown. In addition, Marc Platter (producer of the first film) will be behind the project, now doing great things with Reese.
There are no details about the story, but it has been confirmed that it will have the same spirit as the first one: Elle’s idealism, and her wardrobe almost entirely in pink.

In the sequel, we saw an already married Elle go to Washington D.C. to attend the congress where she managed to ban animal experiments. Now, the story for this third installment is going to focus on female empowerment, and in this new era of #MeToo, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Here are the reasons why Elle Woods is the perfect heroine of these times:

  • Elle is proof that intelligence has nothing to do with appearance. Never judge someone by their physique or their clothes; intelligence is not related to appearance and everyone deserves an opportunity.
  • Another valuable lesson from our pink icon: If someone does not believe in you or respect you for what you are, take him out of your life. Although Elle spent much of the first movie trying to get back together with her ex boyfriend Warner, in the end she realized that he would never love her for who she is.
  • Elle also showed us that it’s okay to feel sad. We all have our moments of sadness in which being alone, watching TV and eating chocolates, is what can make us happier. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. If you cry or feel bad, it’s not a sign of weakness.
  • Sorority is essential. Elle showed on more than one occasion that her friends were an important part in her life. Other important detail is that instead of leaving things as enemies with Viv, her romantic rival, they became really good friends.
  • Never forget to be yourself. Upon graduation, Elle learned the lesson of how difficult it is to pretend to be someone she is not, and she realized that everything was better when she was faithful to her beliefs.
  • Women are not to be treated as objects to be abused. An important figure for Elle, her law professor, made an inappropriate pass at her and Elle stand up for herself and put a stop to his behavior. Now that behavior is shown to be seen for what it is, an extreme abuse of power, women all over the world are raising their voices against it.

We’re excited to see Elle Woods back on the green screen! Who else is excited? Sound off in the comments!



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