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Effective Promotional Products for Beauty Startups

Any startup beauty business needs to get noticed. That means you must have a marketing budget that you can use to drive customers to your company. But most startups don’t have tons of cash to spend on marketing activities, so you need to spend your marketing budget wisely.

One of the most effective marketing methods is to give away promotional beauty products. This is a low-cost method that can spread your message far and wide. Even though the products can be inexpensive to purchase, they have plenty of advertising muscle.

Why are promotional beauty products so effective as marketing tools?

Promo beauty products that you give away for free are printed with your company’s logo or brand name and can include details like your business’s website and phone number. Promotional items create brand recognition instantly. That means customers can identify your company and its products and services as soon as they see your logo or brand.

On average, people who receive promo gifts keep the items for six months or more. So, every time a person looks at your promo gift, your brand will be imprinted on her mind. Also, promo beauty products can be much more effective than other promotional items for one simple reason: people use them. Most women carry at least one beauty product with them at any one time, such as a moisturizer or a lip balm. So, every time a woman fishes out something like a lip balm from her clutch bag, she will be reminded of your beauty business. Other forms of marketing cannot create such lasting advertising effects!

What types of promotional beauty products are the most effective?

These days, you can purchase an extensive range of inexpensive promo beauty products, so finding the best ones to use for your marketing strategy can be challenging. You should certainly take your budget into account. But another aspect you should consider is a product’s usability. Items that are carried around in clutch bags are some of the best items to go for, as they will be continually used. Consider your clientele carefully, and look at customer demographics to know which promotional products will be most well-received.

Types of Effective Promotional Beauty Products

From bath salts and toothpaste squeezers to folding mirrors and emery board packs, the choice of promotional beauty products you can use is almost endless. Some of the most effective products include the following.

Eye Mask

People will wear an eye mask at home or when traveling on planes and trains to get a good night’s sleep. So, eye masks are highly-used items. Furthermore, the whole front panel can be covered in your brand.

Nail Clipper

A quality nail clipper that comes in a case and with a chain is a great promo item, as it will be regularly used. The handy chain accompaniment also means it can be attached to a keychain. So, it will be in the recipient’s hand every day.

Rectangular Mirror

The good thing about a small rectangular mirror with a fold-out self-supporting stand is it fits neatly into pockets or can be used at home or for overnight travel.

Hair Brush and Bands with Carabiner

This promo item offers convenience to the owner. So, it will be used a lot. The hairbrush comes with a carabiner clip and several elastic hair bands that fit nicely onto bags and belt loops.

Manicure Set

This handy manicure set is perfect for travelers. It includes a nail file, a nail clipper, and a set of tweezers. Get your brand printed on the case as well as on each individual item as well, and you will increase your brand power.

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