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DWTS Pro Emma Slater Talks About Her New Vegan Self Tanner Collection

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Are you that girl sitting at home watching “Dancing with the Stars” saying “Wow, I wish I could get her glow?” Well, now you can, as “DWTS” pro Emma Slater recently launched her own line of self-tanning products! Awesome, right?

We all know that “DWTS” competitors have to add on that extra level of glam to be ready for their weekly performances. Their body makeup not only has to be gorgeous, but it has to be sweat-proof and work as hard as the dancers do. No one wants to see fake tanner lines or inconsistent skin tone while they’re trying to focus on the choreography.

Before we cheer on Emma, as well as her partner Rashad Jennings, in the finals, we had to talk to her about her new line of self-tanning products so VIVA GLAM girls can get that amazing “DWTS” glow!


Q&A with Emma Slater

Everyone knows that performers spend hours in a makeup chair. But few know how long it really takes to get made up for a show such as “DWTS.” With extra time allotted for makeup and hair styling that can withstand crazy routines and body makeup to be applied around the intricate outfits, how would you describe what happens in the makeup chair before you go live on “DWTS”?

There’s a whole process that goes into the glam of “Dancing with the Stars”! The ladies of “DWTS” get into the makeup chair or hair chair
at 7am
on the morning of the show. We get an hour and a half for each hair and makeup for our first visit. After we do a dress run, we then each go back to glam to make alterations and touch-up based on what the camera picked up. There’s a great energy in the glam trailers in the morning! Eight amazing makeup artists each have a station and we play music as they expertly match our foundation to our skin and contour our faces perfectly. The colour scheme of our eye shadow usually reflects the colour of our dress and set design. It’s really clever. Our hair always fits the theme of the dance, too, whether that is classical and period style for dances like the Argentine Tango or sculpted up-dos for the futuristic Paso Dobles.


Besides self-tanner, what product can you not go on stage without?

I can’t literally live without contour! I know that seems really shallow, but my face shape is round and I definitely feel I need help in the chiseled face department!


You must have picked up some great makeup tips during your years as a performer. What’s your favorite tip that you’ve learned throughout the years?

My eyes are already so dark, that when I line them in black they look really small and closed in.
So, to make my eyes look bigger, I line my inner lash line with a nude color instead of black.


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